Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

Another busy week. Carson turns 2 on Saturday, so we'll be prepping for some birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of cleaning and prepping food. And it will be another super crazy week at work, I'm afraid... I just hope I'm able to leave on time every night. I was planning to take a vacation day on Friday, but I won't be able to again. I'm hoping I can leave around 2:00 to get home early, at least. I guess we'll see how it goes.

Today we are heading to Brighton to celebrate my cousin Charlie's 17th birthday at my cousin Becky's house. Tuesday night I have Zumba. Wednesday I'll be at MSU for a forum. Friday I'm hoping to only work till 2. And Saturday we're having Kevin's family and some friends over for Carson's birthday party.

I didn't end up making the tomato soup last week since we had some leftovers to use up. And I didn't do the cannellini beans, either.... I totally forgot to do them. I'll hold off on both until next week, after the parties now, though. This week, I'll just be getting ready for the weekend and fitting in workouts. So I'm aiming for easy meals...

Sunday - eating at my cousin's birthday party

Meatless Monday - refried bean burritos; steamed broccoli; leftover fruit salad

Tuesday - chili in the crockpot; leftover fruit salad

Wednesday - meatless again... romaine and spinach salads with cukes, red bell peppers, cheese; homemade croutons

Thursday - leftover chili; random clean out the fridge stuff to make room for party food

Friday - meatless again... scrambled eggs with orange or red bell peppers, spinach, mushrooms, and cheese; toast with homemade jam; home-canned applesauce

Saturday - Appetizers - veggies and ranch dip; nacho cheese dip and chips; Meal - mexican layer salad (maybe); beef tacos; chicken fajitas; beans; shells; lettuce; cheese; salsa; sour cream; guacamole dip; fruit or jello; Dessert - cake and ice cream; Drinks - water; juice boxes; and probably 2-Liters of pop (as much as I don't want to have those...)

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