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Hello!  My name is Sara and I am from mid-Michigan.  I have been married to one of the best guys I know for going on 6 years and we've been together for going on 14 years.  We have a son who will turn 4 years old in February and are expecting baby #2 in late June/early July.  Both my husband and I work full-time outside of our home and each commute 150 miles a day.  While we'd both rather work much closer to home, we just do not have that option right now.  It makes things a little more chaotic when we are home, but we think we've found an okay balance. 

Many people think that working full time outside of the home means you have to feed your family food from a box or package because these items are seen as being fast and easy.  I'm here to tell you that this is so incredibly false!  I feed my family a nourishing diet of Real food... and guess what, it usually tastes pretty darn good, too!  I utilize lots of prep ahead techniques - chopping up all my veggies for weeknight meals on a Sunday afternoon, freezing meats in meal-size packages, prepping dishes the night before I plan to cook/serve the meal, etc. - and I also meal plan.  I find this to be essential to eating well at home.  I also like to use my crockpot quite often. 

We follow a nourishing, healthy diet of real food, as detailed by the Weston A. Price Foundation and in the book Nourishing Traditions.  We take it one step further, though, and have started following a Primal or Paleo lifestyle.  The energy we all have since making this switch has been wonderful and we all just feel so much better.  I am very thankful we have taken the step to try this diet and lifestyle out. 

I started this blog as a way for me to organize and keep track of the recipes I try, especially those that go over well with the fam.  To me, that is still its main purpose, but I also like to include other info that may be helpful to others.  I believe that learning the truth is so important and so many Americans have blinders on when it comes to the food and agricultural policies that are set by our political leaders.  I used to have the blinders on, as well, but am so thankful my eyes have been opened by fellow bloggers, numerous authors, and non-profit organizations.  I work in state government, for an agency totally unrelated to food or ag, but see and know of many shenanigans that go on behind the scenes.  It really is crazy what our political leaders can get away with, especially when special interests are financially backing the politicians.  Money sure talks... loud.  It is sad and scary. 

Anyway, enough rambling for now.  I hope you enjoy the blog!

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