Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

It'll be a super busy week, as I'm sure it will be for everyone. This will be a tough week in terms of calorie-consumption with something going on every single day this week... but I'm going to try my best to keep it under control. We'll be going to my in-laws' church this morning for my nephew's baptism with a potluck following. Then we'll come home to get more work done on our fitness room in the basement - hopefully finishing up the grinding and cleaning so we can start with the painting finally (we're a week behind due to sickness). Tomorrow we have our holiday luncheon for my group at work and I get my hair done in the late afternoon (had to cancel a couple weeks ago due to the blizzard in Grand Rapids and my stylist not being able to make the trek to Swartz Creek). Tuesday we may be heading out to Grand Rapids in the late afternoon or evening to use up our free hotel nights that expire on the 26th (we had to cancel our trip as planned a couple weeks ago due to the weather and sickness). Wednesday I'm meeting a couple of my Phike sisters in Grand Rapids for dinner. Thursday is Christmas Eve.... we'll be heading to my Aunt Sharon's house for our family party at 4:30. Friday is Christmas Day! We'll do our own thing as a family of three in the morning and will be heading to my SIL's house for Kevin's extended family party in the afternoon. And Saturday we'll be heading over to my in-laws' for Kevin's immediate family party in the morning. And then we can relax. Or bust out more work to finish up the fitness room (which is what we'll be doing). We also still have to figure out when we're going to open gifts with my parents, sister, and Grandma Jackie since my Dad doesn't have any time off from work (except Christmas Day) this year.

Extras this week will be exercise, helping with the fitness room, and making food for all the parties... fattoush salad, oreo truffles, cut-out sugar cookies, taco salad, breakfast enchiladas, green bean casserole in the crockpot, cheesy corn and peppers in the crockpot, and a breakfast egg casserole. I think that will keep me plenty busy this week!

And now on to the menu...

Sunday ~ indian chicken tikka masala in the crockpot; steamed brown rice; steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots

Meatless Monday ~ herbed baked eggs; steamed green beans; peaches

Tuesday ~ TBD... it will depend on whether we're home or in Grand Rapids for the night

Wednesday ~ dinner in Grand Rapids with a couple of my old Phike sisters at Carlos O'Kelly's

Thursday ~ It's Christmas Eve!! We'll be at my Aunt Sharon's and we're having a buffet of ham, buffalo wings, fried potatoes, taco salad, cocktail pizzas, broccoli-rice-cheese casserole, some kind of veggies, jello salad, random munchies, and an assortment of Christmas cookies

Friday ~ Merry Christmas!! We'll be at my SIL's in the afternoon. We'll be having appetizers, ham, green bean casserole, cheesy corn and peppers, salads, rolls, turtle cheesecake, cherry something, apple something, cookies... and I'm sure I missed something...

Saturday ~ romaine salads with hard-boiled eggs, cukes, peppers, onions, tomatoes; misc. leftovers from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

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The Voogts said...

Sounds like a busy but fun week! Lots of yummy food. Enjoy all of it...the key is to watch portions. You can eat anything in moderation.

Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few hours!! :)