Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Biggest Loser, week 3

The end of week three and we're in the midst of what will probably be the toughest week of this challenge... a week filled with Christmas celebrations. Which will be lots of fun, but will definitely be a challenge when it comes to healthy choices. We have something scheduled every day this week this year... with more than one celebration/party on some days. My goal this next week is to just maintain my current weight... no gain, no loss.

This past week I have been implementing an exercise routine. Its been going very well and hasn't been quite as much of an upset to our normal routines as I had feared. And rather than completely giving up that time with Carson, as I'd thought originally... he's been joining me most nights. He loves the Leslie Sansone workouts because he loves to march and kick, so he marches around the room and kicks when we're supposed to right along with me. He got quite a kick out of yoga, too. He would try to do some of the moves... or he'd just jump on me and knock me over. :) The only workouts I don't allow him in the room with me are for the kettlebell workouts. I just don't want to take the chance of swinging the kettlebell into him or something terrible like that. The kettlebell workouts are my favorites, by far! I can really feel it for days, which is a good thing, even though its painful for a few days afterwards. :) I am going to start doing kettlebells as many days of the week as I can. They are truly a full-body cardio and strength workout! Love them!

I also tried cutting out pop completely last week. I went seven full days in a row with absolutely no pop! So I know I can do it now. I broke my week-long streak and had a pop on Saturday with a slice of pizza. I thought it would taste extra-good, being that I hadn't had any in a week... but honestly, it really didn't taste as good as I expected. I just had a small glass and then had some water afterwards. I'm really glad I know I can go without pop now... and that it really wasn't that hard to avoid at all! While I do still get the urge to go through a quick drive-thru to grab one (fountain pop is my true weakness, I think)... I've been resisting... I haven't had a fountain pop in nearly two weeks now. For me, this is a huge lifestyle change! Its one that I've needed to make for years now, but I just didn't think I had the willpower to do it. But now I know I can! I don't plan to drink pop regularly anymore - but I won't go completely without it, either... I'm sure I'll have one every once in a while. But I think that's ok.

This week will be much of the same in terms of exercise. I will be stepping up the intensity a bit, though. But I'm not looking to extend the length since we'll be pressed for time with all the preparation, parties, and commitments this week.

Weight loss this week = 4... total of 10 pounds lost in 3 weeks!!

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The Voogts said...

Nice work on the pop! The first step is the hardest.

That's great that Carson likes to join you for workouts. Such a great thing to learn early on.