Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Biggest Loser

I made a spontaneous decision this afternoon. I was working at my desk when I heard these women going in and out of the storage room by my office... opening and closing the door, talking about taking their shoes off, and whispering. So, me being the nosy person I am :), went out to see who it was and what they could possibly be doing. They just got a small group together and decided to do Biggest Loser at work. Each person puts in $25 and whomever loses the highest percentage of weight by March 30th gets the pot! So my friends Lina, Chris, and I joined them. There are seven of us, so $175. Its a good incentive! So wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed that I can light a fire under it and get losing!! :)

UPDATE 12/2/09: There are 11 of us now... so the pot is now $275!! Even better incentive! :)


The Voogts said...

Good luck!!! Money...that's good motivation :)

Sara said...

Heck yeah it is! Just thinking of all the new clothes I could buy with it... sounds so great!!

Jaime and Jeff said...

I saw you already lost like 16 lbs!!! let me know how it goes!!