Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Biggest Loser, Week 2

Well, its the end of week 2. I'm still making lots of changes, some big (for me) and some small. I'm making them slowly and in steps because I fear if I just do everything all at once, I will get discouraged and overwhelmed and I will just say screw it all. I need to keep this fun and non-stressful. I know I can do it, as long as I remain motivated.

Its hard, sometimes, when I think about how difficult some things are now when they used to be so easy. For those that don't know, I was once a size 0/3, depending on the brand. I used to play tennis and run 4-10 miles regularly. I also didn't eat... this wasn't intentional, really... I just wasn't hungry. I lived on a Slurpee and 2 or 3 bites of a turkey sandwich each day. I was not healthy. And I still thought I was fat! I look back at the pictures of me then and think I look disgusting - way too thin! The pressure society puts on us to be thin and have perfect bodies is just ridiculous.

Anyway, that was then. This is now. I am so completely overweight and out of shape. Starting with the weight I started at the beginning of this BL challenge, I want to lose 110 pounds, overall... or 126 pounds overall if you use my heaviest weight of a few months ago. That's an entire person! This isn't my goal for this challenge, of course... this is more long-term. Anyway, I can barely run a 1/4 mile right now... I can barely do 5 pushups (using the cheater knee pushups!)... I get winded going up 2 flights of stairs... My thigh muscles are burning and quivering after climbing the stairs from our lower parking level to the top floor of our building (its 10 normal flights of stairs). But I know this will improve and things will get easier as time goes on. In fact, it actually gets a little easier each and every day. I will be able to run again. Maybe I could even be ready to run a 5k in summer 2010. That is one of my goals. I'll get there... but it will take some baby steps and probably a few flying leaps to get there.

I went out last week and purchased my first kettlebell - a 10-pounder. I also ordered a few books... Biggest Loser Simple Swaps, Biggest Loser 30-Day Jump Start, and Eat This Not That. I've started reading the 30-Day Jump Start - there is some great info in there! As well as inspirational stories and more yummy recipes! Much of the info, I've read very similar stuff in different sources over the years, so its really nothing new... I'm just finally paying attention, I guess. I'm hoping to get some more kettlebells (15-lb and 20-lb) in the near future, as well as a kettlebell video that was recommended to me by an old friend, who now teaches CrossFit and kettlebell workouts. There is a 60-day challenge using that DVD that I'm hoping to start sometime in January. I also discovered that there are hundreds of workout videos on Comcast On Demand! That was an awesome find so that I can keep the variety going and not get bored. So anyway, here are my baby steps to get me going on an exercise routine now. It is going to be a daily struggle for me to give up my time with Carson to exercise. But I know I need to do this if I want to be healthy and increase my time with him later on.

Sunday - cardio/strength combo workout (either a Jillian Michaels or Biggest Loser video)
Monday - Leslie Sansone power walk video for now, but once fitness room is done I'll do a brisk walk/light jog intervals on treadmill for 20 minutes
Tuesday - kettlebells for 15-20 minutes
Wednesday - day off
Thursday - Power Yoga or Winsor Pilates video
Friday - kettlebells for 15-20 minutes,
Saturday - Leslie Sansone power walk video for now, but once fitness room is done I'll do a brisk walk/light jog intervals on treadmill for 20 minutes and ride the bike for 10-15 minutes.

That is the plan for now. I think it will get me off to a good start. As time goes on, I will add to the length of my daily workouts (although my work-night workouts can't get much longer), as well as the intensity. I'm also interested in taking a boxing class at one of the local boxing gyms, and/or a Zumba class if I can find a buddy to join me. But that will come in time, as well. For now, this is my focus.

I'll update the side bar with my loss this week after our weigh-in a bit later this morning.

UPDATE: 2 pounds this week, so 6 pounds in two weeks! Let's hope it keeps up another week... and the following week (week of Christmas), my goal is to just maintain and not gain anything!


Mary Voogt said...

Nice work on the weight loss. And great goals! Baby steps is the way to go for sure. In a few months you'll look back and see amazing changes I bet. You'll be healthier and able to do more stuff with Carson.

The offer still stands if you want to borrow my pedal exerciser to try it out. If you like it you can get them pretty cheap ($30?). I used it at work. So great! I could sit at my desk and work while I biked :) And nobody knew :P It helps squeeze in a few extra minutes of exercise without taking away time from anything. I liked it because I sat almost the whole day. So it got the blood flowing/got my legs moving. I would do it for 5-15 min. at a time. Enough to feel it, but not enough to get sweaty (don't want that at work :P) I know you are up and around a lot, but it would still be helpful when you are at your desk. Let me know if you're interested...I can bring it on Sun.

Mary Voogt said...

You can even use the pe at home...when you're watching tv or something. I've actually even used it in the car before! On the way to WI. I hate sitting for so long, so it helped stretch my legs while riding. I don't think I can use it for our upcoming trip since I'll have to be in the back with Rebecca.

Sara said...

Definitely would love to borrow it! I forgot you had offered before! Thanks, Mary!!!