Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meal Plans & Goals Progress

I'm still focusing on cleaning out the pantry and freezer this week, but I'll also be doing a little shopping for some fresh produce to use in some of the meals this week. I feel like all of our meals this week are "heavy" if you know what I mean, and I'd rather be eating lighter meals, especially with the weather starting to warm up a little, but I also want to get through some of this stuff, too. We'll have an irish-themed meal on Tuesday for St. Patty's Day. Since we won't be going out to drink any green beer like we normally would, I figured this will be the next best thing. At least we'll keep telling ourselves this. ;-P

Sunday ~ ham, scalloped potatoes (to use up one of the frozen all-natural, hormone-free (basically organic if he was certified anyway) hams from my friend Sara's brother - I'm anxious to see how it tastes!), leftover shower cake
Meatless Monday ~ I think we'll finish up the last few veggie burgers from the freezer, and use up my last can of green beans, leftover shower cake
Tuesday ~ St. Patty's Day! Irish lamb stew with irish soda bread (to use up some lamb meat from the freezer), leftover shower cake
Wednesday ~ Dutch split pea soup (to use leftover ham, some more frozen pork, and some split peas) with leftover soda bread
Thursday ~ I'll be in Romulus (by Metro airport) all day for meetings, so it'll be a late night for me, so probably leftover soup and some french baguettes from the freezer
Friday ~ Its my flex day. Hopefully Carson and I can play outside if the weather is nice! Honey balsamic lamb chops (never made them a few weeks back), roasted potatoes, carrots, and maybe parsnips if I pick some up at the store, and I think I'm going to make a Key Lime pie to use up some sweetened condensed milk
Saturday ~ I think we're going to the MSU Butterfly House and to the Home & Garden Show at the MSU Pavillion, so probably eating at some restaurant in Lansing - maybe P.F. Chang's since we didn't get to go last month... or maybe Bravo! since we have a gift card to use up.

I didn't get any extra cleaning done last week, or any extra exercising. My friend at work, Lina, and I did agree to become walking buddies, though. So that will be nice to have someone to chat with on the walks, instead of going on my own. This week, I'm hoping to do a couple cardio workouts, regular walks each day at work, and hopefully pilates at some point. I got off track with my pop drinking last week, too. So this week, I've got to focus on that again. And as far as extra cleaning this week - today I'll just be cleaning up from the bridal shower yesterday (washing dishes, freezing some food, putting things away, etc.). Although, my top priority today is to do our income taxes - federal and state at least, I still need to pick up my local tax forms, so I'll hopefully get those done later in the week. Then during the week, I'm going to focus on cleaning up our master bedroom. We have a corner of the room that has just become a place to pile things up - and our dressers have become that, too. So I want to get rid of the junk, organize it all, and clean it thoroughly. I'd also like to organize our closet, maybe move some of the heavier winter clothes (like sweaters) out and bring in some spring clothes... guess that means more laundry before I can do that, though. :) For a creative project this week, I'm going to be working on editing all of the pictures I took at Sara's bridal shower yesterday. I have some new programs/techniques/actions I want to try out. Working on the pictures and the extra cleaning will keep me very busy this week, so I doubt I'll be doing any extra cooking. Sometime in the next few of weeks, I'd like to can some pinto beans, though. I've had the dry beans for awhile now. I plan to can half of them as just normal canned pinto beans and the other half as chili (or ranch-style as some call them) beans. Maybe I'll get to it next weekend... or the next. We shall see.

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Justin and Mary said...

Sounds like another busy week for you. Good luck with all the cleaning. I'm anxious to see the pics from the shower!! I bet everything looked great!

Good luck on the walking. I bet having someone to walk with will be nice.