Sunday, March 8, 2009

Seed Starting

Tonight I finally got around to starting some vegetable seeds. It'll be my first year starting seeds indoors, so we'll see how it goes. If it goes badly, I don't really have a lot invested in it and can always pick up some run-of-the-mill starter plants from the local nurseries, but if it goes well, I'll be saving a bundle and will be growing the varieties I want to grow! It doesn't seem that difficult to grow seeds indoors for a few months before transplanting, but from what I've read, it can be tricky. Hopefully I've done enough research to have a decent start this year. Only time will tell... but keep your fingers crossed! :)

I only started two trays tonight, which will have 50 plants each if all goes well. Tonight I planted 16 Organic King Seig Leeks, 16 Lincoln Leeks, 8 Diamante Celeriac, 16 Golden Self-Blanching Celery, 16 Piracicaba Broccoli, and 8 Snow Crown Cauliflower. I need to do some further research to see how much each plant will actually produce in terms of veggies before I figure out how many more of each I'll start during the week or next weekend. Any excess plants, I'm planning to try selling on Craigslist. But I'll definitely want enough for fresh-eating and freezing/canning/drying/etc. I'm planning to increase my preservation efforts at least tri-fold this year. I want to put up enough food so that next year we'll hopefully just be buying the basics during the winter (milk, eggs, etc.). I'll also be starting some melons later in the week. Then in a few weeks, I'll be planting many more veggies (can't remember all of them at the moment). Kevin thinks I'm crazy, adding one more thing to do right now, but we'll reap so many benefits from this (if it goes well anyway), that I think its totally worth it!


kat said...

We'll be starting our indoors in about two weeks too, in MN was are late starters. It's our first year trying too

Justin and Mary said...

Good luck! Looks like a great start. I hope they work.