Sunday, March 22, 2009

Meal Plans & Goals Progress

Again, still focusing on cleaning things out of the pantry and freezer this week. I am making progress, slowly but surely... but I still have waaaaay too much in there. I updated my inventory yesterday morning and its still just plain out of control.

Sunday ~ something with pork chops, still need to figure out what exactly, saving the pork for gluten-free days, instead I'm making a baked ziti with meat sauce (to use up pasta and frozen mozz. cheese), canned green beans (last one!), canned peaches
Meatless Monday ~ risotto primavera (to use up some more arborio rice and the rest of my fresh asparagus), leftover canned peaches from Sunday
Tuesday ~ chili (to use up lots of pantry items and some frozen ground meat), french baguettes from the freezer
Wednesday ~ tuna casserole (to use up some tuna and pasta)
Thursday ~ leftovers
Friday ~ chilupe (to use up some dry pinto beans, frozen pork roast, and diced green chiles) I decided to save that one for the gluten-free days. We'll have pasta instead - pesto pasta for me and pasta with tomato sauce for Kevin and Carson (to use up more frozen homemade pesto, home-canned tomato sauce, and pasta)
Saturday ~ possibly just leftovers, otherwise mexican lasagna. I'll also be baking something with blueberries (to use up some more of the frozen berries from last summer) - probably a blueberry cobbler and probably another batch of blueberry muffins

You're going to start seeing some changes in our meals - probably starting next week. I've been doing some reading on a number of different subjects - one of them being gluten sensitivities. I want to experiment with eating gluten-free meals for awhile to see if it helps Kevin at all. After reading all of the symptoms and correlations, I really wouldn't be surprised if he is intolerant of gluten. According to everything I've read, a good portion of the population is sensitive to gluten, but hasn't figured it out yet and is suffering from the many ailments caused by it. The problem is, from what I've read so far anyway, is that he'd have to be a true celiac (which I doubt he is) in order to be tested for the sensitivity. It sounds like the best way to test it is to adjust your diet for a month (30-40 days). I have to do a little more reading on that end of things, though.

I'm still not done with cleaning the master bedroom. With the beautiful weather earlier in the week last week, I didn't devote much time to the project. I'm almost done with the bridal shower pictures and should be uploading them all this afternoon/evening. I probably won't get to the bedroom today, as I'm hoping to actually get outside to do some raking and picking up branches in the front yard - make it look a little better. Kevin will be working on the Bonneville again - I think we have some guy coming to buy a door from it this afternoon. So hopefully I'll be able to finish up the bedroom sometime later in the week. We'll see, its a full work week for me (5 days - boo!) and I think the weather is supposed to be decent and I really want to be outside as much as possible.


Justin and Mary said...

Good luck with the gluten free. I'm holding off on that for a bit until I can do more research and buy some gluten free substitutes.

Good luck with all of your cleaning too.

Sara said...

It doesn't sound like it'll really be that big of an adjustment to go gluten free, which I'm glad about. Trying to use up some pasta this week, though, since the kinds I have will be a no-no for awhile. I'll still make or buy bread for Carson, too. He eats bread everyday - either toast or a grilled cheese or grilled ham and cheese. I'm going to have to check out all of my spices and condiments, though - I think that is the place I might be surprised to find gluten. I just know that Stephanie, the crockpot blogger, always mentions different condiments and spices that are gluten free. I'm hoping most of mine are. We'll see.

Allie said...

The Daring Bakers that I'm a member of has a monthly challenge and there's some members who do a gluten free version you'll have to check out the blog roll for the recipes. They added a Daring Cooks (main dish type of stuff instead of desserts) which starts this month, they'll post on the 17th if I remember correctly.

They just started a new website:

Here's the blogroll the gluten free is at the bottom of the page: