Sunday, March 8, 2009

Meal Plans & Goals Progress

This week is going to be quite busy. I'm throwing a bridal shower for one of my best buds, Sara, in Lowell on Saturday, so I'll be focused on making sure everything is ready to go for that. I did get a lot done yesterday and plan to finish some things up today. Pretty much everything will be packed up and ready to be loaded into the car on Friday evening by the end of the day today. I have a couple of last minute things that I'd overlooked to pick up still, but other than preparing the food, I think I'm about set to go.

Another week of meals focused on cleaning out things from the pantry and freezer. I used up quite a few things last week, but it hasn't even made a dent in my pantry yet. So hopefully I can use up quite a bit more this week. Its nice to not have to do any grocery shopping. Just quick trips for milk for Carson. This is a great way to save money - makes me really want to focus on stocking the pantry and freezer with locally grown goods (mostly from our garden) this summer so we can just eat from the pantry and freezer all winter next year. That's the plan, anyway. We'll be having a wide variety of cuisines this week... creole, latin, korean, mexican, and italian. I love traveling through our meals!

Sunday ~ gumbo (to use up the other half of the ring sausage from the cowboy stew and some frozen okra) and strawberry cheesecake milkshakes to use up some ice cream
Meatless Monday ~ black bean soup with biscuits from the freezer
Tuesday ~ Korean tak toritang (to use up the potatoes)
Wednesday ~ salmon cakes with green beans (to use up canned salmon and green beans from the freezer), strawberry cheesecake milkshakes to hopefully finish up another half-gallon of ice cream
Thursday ~ leftovers
Friday ~ I'll be off to get everything set for the bridal shower - prepping the soup, chopping the salad, and packing up the car, so I'll need something easy (and can't use crockpot b/c I'll be doing the soup in it). I think we'll have tacos (to use up some tortillas from the fridge and some ground lamb meat from the freezer).
Saturday ~ Bridal Shower Day! I'm making a meatless minestrone soup, romaine salad with cherry tomatoes/bell pepper/cukes/croutons, and we'll have a make-your-own sandwich station. Kevin and Carson will be on their own for whatever they can find/leftovers.

As far as exercising goes this week. I'll probably only have time to go on some walks on my breaks at work. Maybe I can squeeze in a cardio one evening, but probably not if I'm going to get everything done this week that I need to. I'll have to do the cleaning I'd normally do on Saturday mornings during the evenings after Carson goes to bed. And I'd also like to try to get some more spring cleaning done, too. I worked on the 3rd bedroom this past week - filed all our paperwork that had piled up, cleaned and organized the standing bookshelves, cleaned and organized the computer desk, and threw out a lot of just plain junk. Today I'll finish it up by cleaning and organizing the closet, and sorting through the junk that had piled up on the floor in front of the closet and on the bed. So that bedroom will be in pretty good shape by the end of the day. This week, I want to work on our master bedroom - cleaning off the dressers, organizing the closet, and getting rid of the junk that has piled up in one of the corners... we'll see how much time I have, though. This might have to wait until next Sunday.

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Justin and Mary said...

Wow, quite a variety of food this week. I'm anxious to hear about some of the recipes.