Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meal Plans & Goals Progress

Is it really already March? This winter is going by so quickly. I hope March continues the trend (its my least-favorite month of the year b/c it just seems to drag on every year). I guess if we keep up with the busy weekends, it'll likely fly on by, too. So that will be a good thing. :) Last night, we had our good friends, Kati and Ben, over. We just hung out for a while, then went to eat at Red Robin, then came back to hang out some more. Its been a couple of months since we'd seen them, so we had lots of catching up to do! They got a big kick out of watching Carson run around, he's changed so much in the two and a half months it'd been since they'd seen him. Today I think we'll end up at my parents' house for dinner with my parents and grandparents. Hopefully I'll have some time to work on some stuff for my friend Sara's bridal shower, which I'm throwing for her and is coming up in two weeks! EEK!! I have so much to do still! So no extra cooking today. Maybe next weekend, we'll see.

Since spring starts this month, this means the spring cleaning starts this month, too. I'll be focusing on cleaning out lots of things from the pantry and freezer - have to get ready and make room for this summer's harvest and preservation season since I'm planning to do a ton! So you'll see that this goal will be dictating many of my meals. The amount of "stuff" we have in general is just really getting to me right now. And I have such a wonderfully over-stocked pantry and freezer, which yes I know I'm probably fortunate to have, but it is just starting to drive me nuts, too. So these next couple of weeks will involve clearing out a lot of the excess. We'll see how many extra cooking/baking projects I take on these next few weeks - probably won't be many, if any. I'll be focusing on Sara's shower and on spring cleaning - so much to clean out! (First stop, our 3rd bedroom which we use as an office, spare bedroom, and animals' room... which has also become our junk room, then I want to focus on the basement... there is way too much junk down there.) I'll still be posting lots of recipes, though, since I have lots of new recipes to try out still using the ingredients I have on hand already.

Sunday ~ I might make a taco avocado chili for lunch since I need to use up some avocadoes, then pot roast dinner at my parents' house.
Meatless Monday ~ meatless shepherd's pie (I have potatoes that need to be used up, plus some boca crumbles and other veggies from the freezer); chocolate milk shakes (to use up chocolate ice cream from Carson's bday)
Tuesday ~ chicken tamale casserole (cornbread, creamed corn, diced chilies and enchilada sauce that need to be used up, so this sounded like a good candidate... though I might make it a turkey tamale casserole instead to use up some of the shredded turkey I have in the freezer)
Wednesday ~ If I still have a few potatoes left after the shepherd's pie, I think we'll try my SIL's cowboy stew to finish up the potatoes and some carrots in the fridge, plus some other random veggies we have in the freezer. Otherwise, something else in the crockpot.
Thursday ~ I'll be in Windsor all day for work, so probably just leftovers and vanilla milkshakes (to use up vanilla ice cream from Carson's bday)
Friday ~ Its my flex day and I'll be working on stuff for Sara's shower (games, wrapping the prizes, final planning of the food, etc.), so I'd like something easy... i.e. crockpot meal. So we're going to try chicken with broccoli in the crockpot (lots of fresh broccoli to use up) with some of my homemade egg rolls from the freezer.
Saturday ~ Something with pasta, not quite sure yet. Probably pesto pasta for me to use up some pesto, and then use up some of my home-canned tomato sauce on pasta for Kevin and Carson. Served with some green beans from the freezer. I'll also probably bake some blueberry muffins for Carson to have during the week, plus to use up some of my frozen blueberries.

As far as exercise goals go this week, I'm hoping to fit in a cardio video this evening; two walks on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; a cardio video on Friday. I'm still working on the pop thing. I haven't been able to cut out my morning pop entirely yet, but it is getting better. I don't miss my evening pops at all really, so I hope to eventually get to not missing my morning pop... and then my afternoon pop. Just have to keep working at it.

I'm so looking forward to the days when its warm enough (and dry enough) to just go outside and do some work. Working in the veggie gardens or flower gardens or just in the yard provides a good workout. I'm hoping we'll have a nice weekend at the end of the month so that I can work on mulching up a lot of the wood we have in the back from the trees we had cut down. I want to get a huge mulch pile going since I'm really wanting to work on the landscaping a lot more this year. The first landscaping project will be around Carson's playhouse, once I've decided where we'll put it, anyway. I'm going to landscape around it so it looks nicer and so it can be more of a permanent structure, rather than killing the grass here and there when we move it to mow the grass. I've also got to work on pruning the apple and pear trees sometime this month, too. I still have hopes of getting the orchard under control and producing some good, bug-free fruit! :) It takes years to get an overgrown orchard back under control from what I've read. Hopefully we'll see a small improvement this year over last in terms of fruit quality. We did see better fruit last year over the year before, so hopefully it continues.

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Justin and Mary said...

We do think alike :) Good luck with all the stuff you need to get done. March will fly by with all the stuff we have to do. And it will be warm before we know it! Then we can take the kids outside. Rebecca's new wagon is just itching to be put together and tried out ;P And I'm ready to weed or rip out the flower garden.