Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Will we see an end to GMOs?

I certainly hope so, though I know the road will be a long one with huge multi-national companies like Monsanto lobbying in D.C. Hopefully we'll see some improvements in our food labeling at the very least. I was reading a news article/blog post this morning about President Obama's food safety team that gives me some hope. Check out the article if you're interested in this stuff and be sure to click on all the links, too. There are some great articles that he links to. I am very happy to read that Mrs. Obama is planting the first veggie garden since Eleanor Roosevelt - and its going to be a big one, 1100 square feet! I knew that the First Lady had added local, healthful eating to her own agenda, but hadn't heard about the garden. Something else I learned from clicking the links in the original post totally freaked me out. You know GMOs are bad when the company behind the development of them (Monsanto) bans them from their own cafeterias! Now that is scary!! Let's hope we can see some turn-around from previous food safety policies with this new administration and team. Be sure to write your Congresspeople and the White House, whether you are for or against these new directions so that we can make a difference!

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