Monday, December 8, 2008

Meal Plans

So I'm still not quite sure what we'll be eating this week. I've been dealing with a sick baby today (when I'd planned to think about my meals this week) so I still haven't thought much about dinner this week. I haven't even thought about today's dinner yet... and its already 4:30! Oops! Guess we'll be having leftovers. :) Anyway, here's an attempt... though I'll update later on, I'm sure.

Sunday ~ chicken cordon bleu in the crockpot, green beans
Monday ~ leftover chicken cordon bleu we decided to pull the enchilada bake out of the freezer that I made a couple months ago and have that for dinner so Kevin can take the chicken to work for lunch tomorrow
Tuesday ~ possibly lasagna, depending on how much time I have tonight (Monday) to prep it, hopefully some homemade bread, too
Wednesday ~ some kind of soup, maybe chicken and black bean or minestrone, or maybe a stew that I can use sweet potatoes in (still have some to use up)
Thursday ~ I'm going to have a sore tooth (I broke half of one of my molars off last week and am having work done today to prep for a crown), so probably leftover soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Friday ~ TBD
Saturday ~ TBD

I'm planning to do some more cookie-baking next weekend. Probably some form of chocolate chip cookies for Kevin and maybe some oatmeal butterscotch (new recipe). I'd also like to do some prep ahead meals for the freezer. Heading into the winter, its so nice to have meals on hand in the freezer that can be quickly baked or warmed up. Especially since we never know how long our commutes are going to be if the roads get bad (last year we each had quite a few 3-hour-long commutes).

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