Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

Kevin's back from Mexico! Carson and I are very glad to have him home - and I think he's glad to be home, too. Even though I think he did enjoy Mexico a little more than he expected and is letting on. :-P This week will be a busy week. Father's Day today with two family parties to get to, a waterski show on Tuesday night, seeing friends on Friday, and then an open house and festival on Saturday.

Sunday ~ We'll be eating at Father's Day gatherings... grilled chicken and some sides at Kevin's parents' house... I'm making a greek goddess salad, then grilled pork tenderloins with some sides at my aunt's... though I think we'll just hit up the desserts at my aunt's house instead... :)
Meatless Monday ~ soba noodles with edamame, spinach, and zucchini
Tuesday ~ We're going to the Silver Lake Ski Club ski show tonight if the weather holds up, so we'll do a picnic at the beach/park... turkey sandwiches, leftover greek goddess salad (if there is any), Meijer Naturals corn chips, fresh pineapple, vanilla pudding
Wednesday ~ spicy shrimp and bok choy noodle bowl using some of the pac choi/bok choy from our garden... we ate at my parents' house
Thursday ~ mushroom, cheddar, and chive crustless quiche spicy shrimp and bok choy noodle bowl
Friday ~ Jaime and Jeff fly home from their trip to Germany/Czech/Austria on Thursday and we might have plans to hang with them today/tonight. We'll be playing it by ear to see what they feel like doing once they're home. We'll be grilling whether they come over or not, though... tequila lime chicken, black bean salad... the rest is TBD at this point We're grilling sirloin steaks, grilled baked potatoes in foil, roasted asparagus, grilled zucchini and yellow squash, superman ice cream for dessert for the boys
Saturday ~ We'll be hitting up my little sister's boyfriend's high school graduation open house at lunch-time, then heading down to Howell for the a hot air balloon festival, so we'll catch dinner some place down in Howell. We decided not to go to the festival, so we're just going to grill something instead. Probably some lamb chops, with peas and carrots.

As far as extras this week... I doubt I'll attempt anything extra since we'll be on the go so much. Just working in the garden will keep me busy in any spare time I have - pulling weeds and laying more straw mulch.


Justin and Mary said...

Glad Kevin made it home safely. Sounds like a busy week. I saw that soba noodle recipe. Looks very good! I still have not tried edamame even though I've had it in the freezer for a while. Maybe I'll have to find a good recipe for it soon.

Sara said...

You will love edamame! Its sooo good! You should get a side of it the next time you get sushi. The way they serve it is still my all-time favorite way to eat edamame. I love it shelled and in things (like the soba noodle dish), but it is sooooo good to eat it in the salted pods, pulling the beans out with your teeth. I make it like that at home every so often and take it to work to snack on. Its like eating chips, only healthy! :) I don't think I've ever posted it when I've made it like that, though... will have to next time, for sure.

Justin and Mary said...

I have to clarify...I've had it at a restaurant before (when I got sushi)...very good. I just haven't used it at home yet. Well, shelled a few once to toss on my salad I think, but haven't used them in a recipe.