Saturday, June 27, 2009

Meal plans and the week ahead

I'm posting this a little early this week since I have the time tonight and tomorrow is going to be a busy morning/day....

Another busy week with some festivals and the 4th of July... and Kevin is gone again most of this week - Monday through Thursday - to Lafayette, Indiana for work. So I'll be taking it easy during the week as far as cooking goes, just making things that Carson loves.

Sunday ~ We're going to my cousins' (Megan's and Marty's) church festival today. Its a predominantly hispanic church (Our Lady of Guadalupe), so they have an annual FIESTA festival with authentic mexican food and fun stuff for the kids. So we'll have some sort of authentic mexican food for lunch. For dinner, I think we'll grill some chicken breasts marinated in italian dressing and some grilled baked potatoes in foil.
Meatless Monday ~ frittata with frozen broccoli, local cheddar, and chives from my garden
Tuesday ~ spaghetti with home-canned meat sauce, green beans from the freezer
Wednesday ~ leftover frittata
Thursday ~ We're going to the ski show tonight, which is part of the Fenton Freedom Festival... hopefully Kevin will be home in time for it, otherwise Carson and I will be going by ourselves. We'll do a picnic again... PB&J sandwiches made with home-canned strawberry jam and organic PB with no sugars added, organic crackers and co-jack cheese, raw snow peas from the garden.
Friday ~ Kevin and I will both be home all day today since its a holiday - hopefully we'll get a lot done outside (get the fence done primarily, but I'm hoping to start doing some major pruning on a couple of the fruit trees in the orchard since I haven't started that yet...). I think I'll make pork souvlaki for dinner with some tzatziki, grilled zucchini, fresh organic strawberries and grapes, and ABin5 bread.
Saturday ~ Happy Independence Day!! We might go see the parade in Fenton in the morning. Otherwise, we'll be at the lake all day, but no idea what the menu is yet or what I'm making... I'll update later in the week once I figure it out. I'm not sure if we'll stay out at the lake for fireworks or not... I still get awful flashbacks to an incident that I witnessed involving my cousin's leg a few years back whenever I hear fireworks, so they're really not too enjoyable for me anymore... though I do love to see them, just wish I didn't have to hear them... :) But I would like Carson to see some if we're able to keep him up that late, so we'll see.

As far as extras go, we'll see what I find at the farmer's market tomorrow and again on Wednesday in Lansing. I'd like to get some more strawberries since they've only got about a week left on the local season (and I am going to refuse to buy the ones that are trucked in this year... I will only be buying the local stuff at the farmers markets... you'd be surprised how much actually is local vs. being trucked in... I just talk to all the farmers to figure out where things came from). I'd like to make a batch of strawberry jam, as well as freeze a few quarts and dehydrate a few quarts. That's a lot of strawberries... so we'll see what I find. I also still need to make up a triple batch of Giada's balsamic BBQ sauce to can... but I need to pick up some more organic brown sugar first. Hopefully I'll be able to get all of this done this week and next weekend.

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