Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

So what's going on this week... Today we're headed to church... possibly to Faith Lutheran instead of Resurrection Reformed, but we haven't entirely decided yet. Tuesday afternoon I'll be going to my WAPF chapter meeting. I'm meeting up with some friends for dinner on Tuesday night. Wednesday is soccer. Saturday we are headed up to Bay City for our cousin Mackenzey's 2nd birthday. We're looking forward to seeing Jorie's and Greg's new house, hanging out with family, and celebrating Mackenzey's birthday.

I still haven't sat down to do our taxes yet. I will get them done today. I can't put it off any longer. Hopefully we don't end up owing the IRS again this year. :-/ We also really need to go pick up the dresser for Carson's new bedroom... hopefully we'll actually do that today.  Then maybe I can get a coat of primer and a first coat of paint on it today, as well... but that might be wishful thinking. I haven't figured out everything that I'll try to accomplish in the kitchen yet, but I have some ideas included in the plan below.

We've been slacking on our lunches lately, so I am really going to focus on making sure we're all taking healthy, nourishing lunches every day this week. I've listed some lunch options for the week below.  I'm planning to take a small salad every day this week.  I normally avoid salad at lunch time, but I'm going to give it a try this week and see how I do.  Eventually, I'd like to always just take a big ol' salad for lunch every day, but I'll start with small salads and some different side items.  I figure I need to try some different things to try to make some bigger progress on losing some poundage. 

Carson's room is really coming together. He has slept in there since Thursday night last week. We still have to finish up some things up in there... painting the dresser, figuring out a closet organizer (the kits are all too big, so we have to build a custom one), getting a floating shelf for the long wall, getting a lamp, and getting things to hang on the walls.

So here's the plan...

Sunday - church
(pick up dresser; prime dresser; make kefir; do taxes; make butter; paint 1st coat on dresser?; thaw ground beef; sprout lentils; make cheese crisps; slice cheese and veggies for lunches/snacks)
B: sausage links; fried eggs; pancakes for the boys
L: tuna with crackers; raw veggies; kefir smoothies
D: brisket in the crockpot; veggies; applesauce

Lunch and snack options for week:
leftovers from dinner; salads; apples with almond butter; cheese crisps; raw carrots/cukes/peppers with ranch dressing; sliced raw cheese; yogurt with home-dried fruit; chewy granola bars; buttered pasta noodles with parmesan (for Carson one day); muffins from freezer

Monday -
(paint dresser)
B: yogurt with fruit
D: bunless burgers made with beef and sprouted lentils; onions sauteed in burger fat; sliced avocado; steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Tuesday - WAPF; dinner with friends
(move dresser to bedroom?)
B: kefir smoothies
D: S - Don Pablos; K&C - leftovers

Wednesday - soccer
(prep Thursday's dinner)
B: pumpkin scones from freezer
D: almond-pecan crusted red snapper; green beans and asparagus from freezer; peaches leftover brisket with homemade BBQ sauce over spaghetti squash; yellow beans; peas; applesauce

Thursday -
(organize dresser)
B: kefir smoothies
D: chicken broccoli cheese bake; peaches

Friday -
(make granola?; paint dresser; hang floating shelf)
B: toasted sourdough english muffins from freezer with homemade almond butter
D: chicken stir-fry with veggies from the freezer (red bell pepper, corn, pea pods, edamame, onions); applesauce

Saturday - Mackenzey's birthday party
(paint dresser; make kefir; make buttermilk and sour cream?)
B: pancakes for the boys; bacon; fried eggs; veggies
L: cauliflower soup leftovers
D: at Mackenzey's party


The Voogts said...

Good luck with Carson's room. I hope he sleeps well in there. If all goes well we'll have Rebecca in her new room this week too. Just have to get the toxic fumes from the dresser out :P

Sounds like some yummy meals. And more grain free meals for you?

Good luck with the salad. I hope your tummy handles it well. I'm very anxious for spring/summer and lots of fresh veggies/raw veggies/salads. It will definitely make grain free easier.

Sara said...

Yep, all our dinners are grain-free this week, I think. If I had buns, I'd have burgers on the buns, but didn't want to make a special trip to the store just for buns. Plus, I figure it'll be a good "training" week if we do go primal. At least on the grain front. ;)