Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crispy Pecans

I've been soaking and dehydrating all of the nuts that we eat for quite a while now.  I've posted crispy almonds, crispy pine nuts, and crispy cashews, but realized I've never posted crispy pecans, walnuts, or peanuts when I've made them all.  I guess maybe because they are pretty much the same recipe as for the almonds and pine nuts.  I made a batch of crispy pecans the week before Christmas to use with my smoked salmon spread, so I figured I'd snap a quick picture and post them.  These are great to snack on and use in recipes.  Pecans are my favorite nut, I could eat them every day.  Carson loves them, too.  And I feel much better about eating them after they've been soaked and dehydrated. 

Crispy Pecans

4 cups (1 pound) pecan halves
2 teaspoons sea salt

Mix pecans with salt and water and cover the bowl with a plate.  Leave in a warm place for at least 7 hours or overnight.  I usually soak them for at least 12 hours, but usually closer to 18-24 hours.  Drain in a colander.  Spread the pecans on a baking pan or dehydrator tray.  If you are using the oven, put them in on the lowest setting (150 degrees) for 12 to 24 hours, stirring once in a while, until completely dry and crisp.  I always use my dehdyrator for about the same amount of time.  Although I've found that pecans usually seem to dry more quickly.  Store in an airtight container.

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