Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

We have a pretty low-key week this week. We're headed to church this morning and we're planning to do some cleaning and throwing out of junk this afternoon... I also have some work to do. We're headed to Sears tonight to buy an elliptical (they have a special friends and family sale from 6-9 tonight). I also need to make something to take in to work tomorrow to celebrate a colleague's marriage. Tuesday afternoon is my WAPF chapter meeting and I'll be going out to dinner with some friends from high school. Friday we'll go pick up the elliptical. Saturday morning we're planning to go see my niece and nephew play basketball.

I am hoping to get a lot of planning and cleaning done this week. We'll be leaving for Arizona before we know it and I feel like we have so much to do before then. I want to get the packing list done this week and finish up some shopping for a few things we may need. I also need to make some more progress on Carson's new bedroom. Not sure what else, but I hope its a productive week!

Here's the plan...

Sunday - church; clean/de-junkify; Sears
(make something for Therese's celebration; make grain-free granola; make yogurt; boil eggs; make egg salad for lunches; clean out refrigerator)
B: muffins from freezer with soft cheese
L: zucchini parmesan; side salads with homemade dressing
D: beef roast in the crockpot salsa meatloaf; peas; salad; pickles

Monday -
(make steel cut oats; make start packing list)
B: yogurt with granola
D: peanut turkey burgers (mine will be wrapped in lettuce); green beans sauteed with garlic and butter; corn on the cob from freezer leftover meatloaf; baked potatoes

Tuesday - WAPF; dinner with the girls
B: steel cut oats banana; milk
D: K&C - leftovers organic mac & cheese, ham from freezer; S - Mongolian BBQ

Wednesday -
(clean bathroom thoroughly; work on Carson's new room)
B: yogurt with granola
D: mahi mahi with roasted corn; broccoli; side salads

Thursday -
(clean kitchen and dining room thoroughly - scrub floors, wipe down walls, clean windows, etc.)
B: chocolate peanut butter banana smoothies
D: shredded bbq beef (from leftover roast) sandwiches; asparagus; corn

Friday - milk/CSA pick up; pick up elliptical
(dust entire house; assemble elliptical)
B: steel cut oats
D: baked potato soup; side salads

Saturday - niece's and nephew's basketball games
(make soft cheese; make butter/buttermilk; work on Carson's bedroom; clean living room and play room thoroughly - clean windows, wash walls, etc.; make yogurt; clean out refrigerator)
B: yogurt with granola and fruit
L: pesto pea salad with tuna
D: chicken divan


Mary Voogt said...

Yeah for the eliptical!!! How exciting. I'm sure you're anxious to use it.

Enjoy a low key week and all your prep for AZ.

Sara said...

I think I jinxed myself by saying this is a low key week. :) so far, its been far from low key with work stuff. I ended up working quite a few hours yesterday (skipped church b/c of it) and didn't get home till after 8 tonight. :-/ we'll see how productive the rest of the week is...