Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

Back to work this week - BOO!!  I'm not ready to go back yet.  It was so nice having a 4-day weekend!  At least I'm off this Friday, so the week won't feel quite as long.  We don't have a ton of things to do this week, but it's busy enough.  Today we're headed to church and then we'll be enjoying our last day of family time.  Tomorrow is my 30th birthday, so we might go out to dinner... or we might go out tonight and save the lasagna for tomorrow, we'll see.  Thursday I am headed to Windsor for some meetings. Friday is my flex day and our last day of Kindermusik this semester.  The last class is actually next week, but since we only go every other week, this will be our last class.  We'll also be doing the normal CSA and milk pickups.  We might go paint shopping, too.  I need to pick out a color to paint the furniture for Carson's new room.  Saturday afternoon, we're headed to Grand Rapids for a Calvin basketball game followed by dinner and playtime at my BIL's and SIL's house.  We are debating on whether we want to head out early to check out the Princess Diana exhibit at the GR Art Museum.  We'll have to get our tickets ahead of time if we do.

I made homemade noodles last week, both shorter skinny noodles and wider noodles.  I'm anxious to try the wider noodles in some lasagna.  The shorter noodles we had last week were awesome.  Assuming the lasagna turns out well, I think I'll make a new batch of noodles later this week to have on hand.  I'm going to make some sourdough pizza for dinner on Friday.  I'll be making a double batch of the dough so that I can experiment with freezing the dough.  I am planning to freeze some dough for future pizza crusts and breadsticks.  I'm trying to figure out the menu for Carson's birthday party(ies)... right now its a toss up between pizza/breadsticks/salad, taco bar, lasagna with homemade noodles, or soups/salads.  It'll depend on whether I do one or two parties, too.  But I'm hoping to make a decision in the next week so I can get planning... I'm feeling a little pressed for time for party prep with our trip to Arizona coming up.  But I'm sure I'll get it all done. 

We also have to make some serious progress on Carson's new bedroom.  I want it completely done before his birthday and we still have sooo much more to do.  It has become a collecting place for lots of miscellaneous stuff... rather junk.  So I want to find new homes for things and throw out some stuff.  I also need to clean out the closet.  We cleaned the basement thoroughly last week, so now I can focus on Carson's new room.  I also need to work on a little sewing this week. 

Anyway, here's my plan...

Sunday ~ church
(cook burger meat and prep sauce; boil eggs; make homemade mayonnaise)
B: yogurt smoothies
L: leftovers
D: lasagna with homemade noodles... or out?

Monday ~
(make steel cut oats)
B: sliced hard boiled eggs on buttered toast (hold the toast for me)
D: lasagna with homemade noodles... or out?

Tuesday ~
(prep noodle dough; remove junk in Carson's new room)
B: steel cut oats with fruit from freezer
D: crockpot corn and spinach enchiladas from freezer

Wednesday ~
(roll out and dry noodles; continue cleaning out Carson's new room)
B: yogurt and fruit from freezer
D: leftover lasagna; side salads with homemade ranch dressing

Thursday ~ Windsor for work
(thaw sausage; saute mushrooms, green peppers, onions; cook sausage; prep pizza dough)
B: steel cut oats with maple syrup and crispy pecans
D: chicken and quinoa from freezer

Friday ~ Kindermusik; CSA & milk pickup; paint shopping? 
(shred cheeses; make cottage cheese; make butter/buttermilk; sewing project)
B: scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese
D: sourdough pizza with mushrooms, peppers, onions, and sausage; sourdough breadsticks

Saturday ~ Grand Rapids; Princess Diana exhibit?; Calvin basketball game; dinner/playtime at SIL's
B: pancakes for the boys (fried egg over easy for me) and sausage patties
L: leftover pizza, unless we're already out in GR
D: at SIL's in Grand Rapids... we're having a taco/nacho/salad bar.  I'll be bringing something, just not sure what yet shredded raw cheese, chopped lettuce for toppings or salad, homemade french dressing, and ranch dressing


The Voogts said...

Mmmm. Homemade noodles in lasagna sound good! What recipe did you use?

Looking forward to Saturday!

Happy 30th birthday!

Sara said...

I did the HH recipe that you made. I had planned to do the sourdough recipe, but changed my mind at the last minute... and after Kevin asking me to just try them "normal" first. :)


We're looking forward to Saturday, too!

The Voogts said...

Just a heads up it might just be you guys and us for dinner. My mom said Poiriers likely won't stay even if they go to the game. And my parents might not come either...depends when they can visit my grandparents. Whatever. We'd have tons of fun if it's just you guys. Rebecca and Carson would be in heaven :)