Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

Is it really mid-march already? Looks like we'll see some nice spring weather this week - we're supposed to hit 50! I'm ready for it! Its hard to believe that we were seeing 70 degree temps already this time last year... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this year, too! :)

We've got a fairly uneventful week ahead of us. Today we're going over to my aunt's house for our cousin Tyson's 1st birthday party. Wednesday we have soccer. Friday is my flex day and milk pickup. And that's the end of our plans this week! We're looking forward to it, honestly. :)

We'll be keeping plenty busy still, though. We ended up working some long days last week, so we didn't finish as much in Carson's new room. So some of that will push into this week... painting the dresser (it's primed, at least), buying and hanging the floating shelf, buying and hanging some blinds, and putting the final coat of paint on the doors and hanging them up. Then we just have to get a few things to hang on the walls as decoration and its done! We'll start our next project later in the week... or rather Kevin's next project... working on the tractors. We've got the Steiner (the zero-turn mower) in the garage right now to fix the rear wheel that busted off... so Kevin has a bit of welding to do. Then we'll get that out of the garage and get the Cub Cadet in there so Kevin can get the rototiller running. We're hoping to make a trip to Home Depot one night this week (or on Saturday morning) to price out some roof stuff and some bathroom stuff, as well.

So here's the plan... I haven't figured out what I'm going to tackle in the kitchen yet this week.  I'll fill it in as the week goes on.

Sunday - Tyson's birthday party
(hard-boil eggs; make kefir; make counter-top yogurt; prep spaghetti squash casserole; paint 1st coat on dresser; paint final coat on doors)
B: fried eggs; sausage
L&D: at Tyson's party

Lunch and snack options:
leftovers; apples with almond butter; sliced cheese; raisins; hard boiled eggs; raw carrots and celery with ranch; egg salad lettuce wraps; soup from the freezer

Monday -
(thaw whitefish; hang doors; paint final coat on dresser)
B: yogurt with fruit
D: spaghetti squash casserole; green beans

Tuesday -
B: kefir smoothies
D: roasted whitefish on peas; side salads

Wednesday - soccer
(make spicy carrot pickles)
B: dutch baby pancakes from freezer
D: cauliflower soup; cornbread from freezer

Thursday - Happy St. Patrick's Day!
(hang floating shelf; hang blinds?)
B: kefir smoothies
D: corned beef, potatoes, and carrots in the crockpot

Friday - flex; milk p/u
(make grain-free brownies; make butter)
B: scrambled eggs; bacon
D: homemade pizza

Saturday -
(work in garage)
B: omelets
D: tbd


The Voogts said...

Enjoy your not so busy week. Sounds nice :) Good luck with all of the projects.

Kitchen Stewardship said...

Sara, I left you a comment on your coffee cake post that you submitted to the Kitchen Stewardship soaked grain recipe carnival - could you please e-mail me at kitchenstew at gmail dot com so I can send you the contributor form? We'd like the information back by Tuesday - thanks!

Kitchen Stewardship Assistant