Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

Just a quick post today... here's the plan...

Sunday ~ church
(clean out cars; clean in garage; make coconut flour crepes; make kefir; make tuna salad; hard boil eggs; make steel cut oats; make french dressing; make taco seasoning; soak almonds)
B: fried eggs; sausage links
L: crockpot white bean and ham soup
D: meatballs stuffed with garlic-herb cheese; yellow beans; broccoli; fresh pineapple

Lunch options:
tuna stuffed avocado; pesto pea salad; sliced cheese; crispy pecans; fruit rolls; yogurt; hard boiled eggs; apples and almond butter; fresh pineapple; misc. leftovers

Monday ~ pick up blinds
(dehydrate almonds; hang blinds)
B: kefir smoothies
D: tacos with coconut flour crepes

Tuesday ~
(clean off top of refrigerator; clean out/organize cupboards in peninsula)
B: steel cut oats with maple syrup and home dried fruit
D: cheesy white chicken chili; peaches

Wednesday ~ soccer
(make strawberry almond bars)
B: steel cut oats with homemade jam
D: taco salads

Thursday ~
(clean out drawers in peninsula)
B: yogurt with granola
D: kraut bierock from freezer; veggies; applesauce

Friday ~
(make chicken stock in roaster; culture soft cheese)
B: fried eggs; sourdough english muffins from freezer with almond butter
D: butternut squash soup; pumpkin scones from freezer

Saturday ~ Anna's violin recital and birthday lunch
(make butter; freeze stock; hang soft cheese)
B: grain-free banana pancakes
L: at SIL's for niece's birthday
D: pork chops in the crockpot with apples; peas and carrots; applesauce

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