Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

This week will be another fun week. My BFF, Jaime, is going to be home from Phoenix!! I'm so excited to see her, so is Carson (she's his Godmother)! So we'll be seeing Jaime and Jeff a few times this week. Jaime and I are planning to get pedicures on Monday night and I have a hair appointment with my friend, Destiny. Tuesday, we may go to the Silver Lake Ski Club ski show. I might take the afternoon off on Thursday to hang out with Jaime, too. Friday is my flex day. I think Carson and I will make a trip down to Rochester Hills to do some Trader Joes and Whole Foods shopping since I didn't end up going last week. Then we'll be going over to Lisa's house for a BBQ with Jaime and Jeff and lots of friends. Saturday has to be the #1 most popular day for high school graduation open houses this year. We're invited to five of them on that same day... all over the state. I think we'll probably just end up going to my cousin Zachary's open house here in Swartz Creek... but we might make a trip out to Saranac to my other BFF Sara's brother's open house... I just wish she was here for it!! But it'd be so good to see her family, we're just not sure we can swing both with their start and end times yet.

Even with all the fun stuff going on this week, I'm hoping to get a few extras done, at least. On Friday night, I started making a sourdough starter, so I'll be feeding that every day this week and baking bread next weekend. Yesterday I made yogurt (post to come later). I'm planning to make a loaf of honey whole wheat bread this morning and will also be hulling, chopping, and freezing the flat of fresh, local strawberries that I picked up at the Lansing City Market (our big, indoor, year-round farmers market). I'll also be chopping and freezing some fresh, local organic rhubarb from my CSA order. Gotta re-stock the freezer with fresh, local berries! I'm planning to make whey and cream cheese this week (with my homemade yogurt) so that I have them for some recipes next week. We'll also be doing more work out in the yard, too. The rain last week set us back on our front yard grading, so we'll be working on that some more and getting more grass seed planted, hopefully.

Here's the plan...

Sunday ~
(feed starter - day 3; make bread; freeze strawberries; freeze rhubarb)
B: broccoli parmesan scramble
L: misc. leftovers
D: golabki from the freezer; green/yellow beans from freezer; strawberries

Meatless Monday ~ pedicure with Jaime; hair appt.
(feed starter - day 4)
B: yogurt with granola and strawberries
L: leftover golabki; raw veggies
D: buttercrunch salads with home dried cherries, walnuts, mandarin oranges, and raw mozzarella with vinegar/oil dressing; homemade bread

Tuesday ~ ski show?
(feed starter - day 5)
B: scrambled eggs with bell peppers, mushrooms, and local raw cheddar
L: misc... cheese/crackers; raw veggies; salad; apples with almond butter; strawberries
D: portable so we can do a picnic at the ski show if we go... cashew avocado chicken salad sandwiches; strawberries; carrots sticks; cucumber slices; bell pepper slices

Wednesday ~
(feed starter - day 6; clean kitchen and bathroom; work outside?)
B: rhubarb banana muffins
L: cashew avocado chicken salad sandwiches; raw veggies
D: zucchini tacos made with zucchini from the freezer; broccoli from freezer

Thursday ~
(feed starter - day 7; vacuum and dust entire house; work outside?)
B: smoothies (trying to use up lots of frozen fruit before it comes into season again!)
L: misc. leftovers
D: hot dogs on the grill; grilled asparagus; fresh strawberries

Friday ~ flex day; Trader Joes/Whole Foods?; BBQ
(make sourdough bread; make whey and cream cheese)
B: rhubarb banana muffins
L: zucchini crab cakes made with shredded zucchini from freezer
D: BBQ at Lisa's

Saturday ~ graduation open houses
(work outside in the morning)
B: tbd...
L & D: graduation open house(s)

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The Voogts said...

Mmmm. Lots of good food. I hope you had fun with Jaime! Can't wait to hear about your sourdough bread. I'm becoming addicted to it :)