Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

This will be a pretty tame week. Although, it could end up feeling more chaotic, like it did last week, if work gets crazy again. So we'll see how it goes.

Today, Jaime and Jeff fly back to Arizona. We won't be seeing them today, but we did get to see them a few times last week. It was so great! I miss Jaime so much, living out in Phoenix! She and I went to get pedicures on Monday, which was very nice! Then we saw them on Friday night at Lisa's house. And we saw them again at Jaime's brother's open house last night. Carson was so sweet, telling them he loves his Auntie Jaime and Uncle Jeff - so cute!

Anyway, back to the plans... We really don't have any plans until the weekend. I might meet up with a friend one night this week to do some biking, but its not definite yet. I have to go pick up another CSA order on Friday after work. This time I just ordered some braeburn and some gold rush apples; rhubarb; snow peas; pork tenderloin, spare ribs, and boneless chops. We may or may not head to Rochester Hills to our friends' house on Friday night. We'll see what time we get home from work and what Carson is feeling up to. Saturday we're heading to Grand Rapids. We're waiting on the weather and a couple other things before we finalize our plans for the day. We will possibly go out to Holland in the morning and then to Kevin's grandparents' farm in the afternoon. We'll also be swinging by my BIL's and SIL's house to pick up our half-side of grass-fed beef! It will be a fun day!

Since we don't have much going on during the week, we're hoping to get some more work done on the front yard. We were delayed again last week with rain, but we still made good progress. Our side yard is graded and seeded. Now we're working on the front yard. The rototiller broke, though, so that may delay us a little while Kevin fixes that.

I haven't entirely decided what extras I'm going to do this week. I know I want to make a fermented black bean paste. And I'm planning to pick up about 10 pounds of asparagus from the farm stand down the road to blanch and freeze most of it. I've decided to try making some new drinks - to see if I can find a healthy alternative to my pop. I ordered some water kefir grains last week. I might try making some water kefir this week once they arrive. I might also make some sourdough english muffins or sourdough berry muffins.

Sunday ~ farmers markets
(cook lentils that were soaked last night; cook black beans that were soaked yesterday and last night; make fermented black bean paste; slice veggies for snacks and lunches; work outside in the yard)
B: sourdough pancakes; strawberry syrup
L: buttercrunch salads with crispy pine nuts, cucumbers, carrots, tomato, and roasted asparagus
D: grilled pork chops; grilled potatoes; broccoli from freezer; fruit salad

Meatless Monday ~
(ferment bean paste; blanch and freeze asparagus; make rhubarb compote; clean kitchen and bathroom)
B: sourdough toast with almond butter; banana
L: jerky; raw milk colby cheese; crackers; strawberries
D: sloppy lentils; roasted asparagus; steamed snap peas; strawberries

Tuesday ~
(ferment bean paste; vacuum and dust entire house; work outside)
B: protein bars
L: leftover sloppy lentils, veggies, and strawberries
D: salmon with rhubarb compote; roasted asparagus; roasted cauliflower from freezer

Wednesday ~
(ferment bean paste; work outside)
B: apples with almond butter
L: leftover salmon, asparagus, and cauliflower over buttercrunch lettuce from our garden
D: grilled chicken breasts; beans and corn on the cob from freezer; fresh fruit

Thursday ~
(make water kefir?; make sourdough english muffins or berry muffins?; work outside)
B: sourdough toast with cream cheese and cashew butter
L: S - out for sushi for Lisa's birthday; K & C - misc.
D: chicken enchilada bake; fermented black bean paste; tortilla chips

Friday ~ CSA pickup; Rochester Hills?
(make water kefir?)
B: sourdough english muffin with cream cheese or sourdough berry muffin?
L: leftover enchiladas
D: Rochester Hills? or misc. or TBD

Saturday ~ Grand Rapids
B: scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms
L & D: in GR or on the road
Snacks for the car: sliced apples with almond butter; raw veggies

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The Voogts said...

Glad you have a week to get caught up and tackle a few extra projects. I hope you like the bean paste. I made some black bean paste last week. I'm still finishing up my pinto bean paste. I eat a little every day with lunch to help with digestion.

Sounds like some yummy meals. Rhubarb compote sounds interesting.