Saturday, June 5, 2010

Floor Cleaner

Next up is a floor cleaner from Clean House, Clean Planet. This works very well!

Momma's Earth Mop Floor Cleaner

white distilled vinegar
pure essential oil (I used lemon)
16-oz squirt bottle

Fill the bottle with equal amounts vinegar and water. Ad 15-20 drops essential oil. Shake to mix.

Squirt this refreshing cleaner directly onto the floor and wipe clean with a rag or mop. Use it for linoleum, tile, polyurethane and finished wood floors.

Vinegar is a natural acid that has quick cleaning power and helps to remove the film that typically builds up on floors. If you have an especially dirty, greasy floor, you may want to use a liquid dishwashing detergent (Palmolive, Dial, etc.) first.

If you want to use a full gallon of vinegar and water, mix in about 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon essential oil.

Scented vinegars are also great for removing odors left by pet stains, vomit, mildew, sour milk, and more. Vinegar is reputed to have some germ-killing action, as well.

For extra cleaning power for smudges and scuff marks, sprinkle on a little baking soda, rub, then squirt on the Momma's Earth Mop for a fast-action fizz that dissolves dirt quickly.

Cost comparison from book - $6.09 (Mop 'n Glo) vs. $0.73 (Momma's Earth Mop).

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