Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meal Plans

Posting a little early since we're going to be pretty busy tomorrow.

Lots of prep. work going on this week for the big birthday bash for Carson in two weeks. We still have some doors to paint in our hallway and some trim work to do around the door to the garage, as well as a few other small projects - so hopefully we can make some progress on those. But if we don't, its not the end of the world. I'm planning to get most of the deep cleaning done this week, so we'll just have some touch-up cleaning to do next week. So I'm planning relatively easy meals this week. A couple of new recipes still, though.

Sunday ~ we'll be eating a late lunch/early dinner at my Aunt Sharon's for my cousin Charlie's birthday; we'll have misc. leftovers if we're hungry during the Superbowl; I'll be prepping the dough for my homemade artisan bread
Meatless Monday ~ baked potato soup, homemade artisan bread
Tuesday ~ grilled ham and cheese sandwiches on leftover artisan bread, leftover soup sweet pea risotto... couldn't resist it when I saw it posted in the RR menu planner...especially when I already have all the ingredients!
Wednesday ~ possibly chicken cheese-steak wraps, romaine salad, possibly homemade french fries if I'm ambitious... or maybe pancakes since they're so quick and easy... just depends on what time I get home from work and picking up Carson organic tri-color farfalle with homemade (frozen) pesto, roasted cauliflower
Thursday ~ baked BBQ chicken, roasted veggies
Friday ~ Julie's soup in the crockpot, homemade artisan bread
Saturday ~ going to GR for a Calvin basketball game and dinner at Mary's for Bruce's birthday, I believe we're having a taco/nacho bar... and I'm bringing the fruit salad I made at Christmas

I recently purchased Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day after seeing so many raves and reviews about it. It really does sound intriguing - and sooooo easy! This week I'll be giving it a try for the first time, so we'll see how it goes.

I'm also getting to work on my exercise goal finally. Last week I decided it was time to get going on that, or else I never will. I set a few goals for myself to get me started. My goal will be to drop 2 pant sizes by Sara's wedding on May 9th. More than 2 sizes would be welcomed, but I figure I should start with something more attainable so I don't give up. To start out with, I'll just be trying to get a few workouts a week in - I will do a 20-minute Winsor Pilates DVD workout at least once (hopefully twice) a week and I will do a Tae-Bo video workout once a week. I will also take at least one 10-minute walk every other day at work. If I can do two walks a day, or walk every day, that will be great, but it will all depend on my work/meeting schedule since every day is different. This week, I highly doubt I'll be able to get any walks in on Wednesday or Thursday, but we'll see how it goes. I'll do this routine for a few weeks, then will gradually try to fit in a little more. I just don't want to try to do too much at once when I'm so limited on my time at home as it is - I know I'll just end up frustrated and give up on it. Its going to be a major challenge for me to fit in regular workouts when I really only have about 2 1/2 hours a day to do them... and that time is already filled with making dinner, playtime with Carson, bathtime for Carson, putting Carson to bed, preparing food for Carson and his diaper bag for the next day, misc. chores like laundry or some cleaning project, and wind-down time just before we go to bed (which is usually between 9:00-9:30pm - yes, I know that is early, but we get up for the day at 4:00am and are up with Carson at least once, oftentimes twice, during the night).


Jaime said...

I like it!! If you want a walking buddy on the weekends or the days off with Carson, let me know!! We can walk at the mall until it warms up!

Sara said...

Thanks, Jaim!! I might have to take you up on that! :) Hey, when are you guys leaving for Mexico??

Justin and Mary said...

I'm anxious to hear about the artisan bread! Sounds interesting. Good luck on the weight loss. Looks like some manageable goals to start out with. Better to start that way and maybe exceed them instead of being too ambitious right away.

9:30 isn't that early. We go to bed at 10. We should try to move it up a bit :)