Sunday, January 25, 2009

Meal Plans

Already time to plan the menu for the week already? It feels like I just did this yesterday - this last week just flew on by. Its been a really busy week at work, so that always makes the weeks fly by. Anyway, on with the meal plans...

So, we didn't have breakfast for dinner last week, but I think we will this week. I'm hoping to have that be a regular thing, too. Maybe once every two weeks or something. I figure having breakfast for dinner on a regular basis is another good way to save some money. Plus, Carson is able to eat most breakfast items that I'd make.

I don't think we'll have any new veggies this week, just still trying to get into the habit of working more of them into our diet. I did taste a few brussels sprouts last night at Mary's and Justin's house - they were really good! I think I'll have to work them into some of our meals soon. We'll continue to have side salads with several dinners again this week. I'll be working in some whole grains again this week, too - no new ones though.

We will be traveling (through food) quite a bit this week - to the Middle East, to the Southwest, and to Spain. I'm excited to see how the dishes turn out!

Sunday ~ chicken with spinach pesto, romaine salad, baked potatoes, peas and carrots
Meatless Monday ~ baked falafel salads/sandwiches (never made them a couple weeks ago), roasted veggies
Tuesday ~ southwestern chicken pileups, romaine salad
Wednesday ~ quinoa paella with chicken and chorizo, romaine salad - we had leftovers with salad instead
Thursday ~ leftovers
Friday ~ whole grain pancakes with blueberry syrup dinner at my parents' house
Saturday ~ TBD depending on what our plans end up looking like, but possibly a baked ham, baked potatoes, green beans quinoa paella with chicken and chorizo


Justin and Mary said...

I'm anxious to hear how the paella turns out!

Mmm, pancakes. We do those quite often for dinner. Maybe I'll have to make them soon with some new grains :)

Justin and Mary said...
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Allie said...

I did a post today on the Greek Pasta you posted! It was soooo good. I even ate it cold because I didn't want to wait to reheat the leftovers!