Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

This week is going to feel busier than it really is, I think. In terms of plans, we have another really quiet week. But Kevin will be in Lafayette for part of the week, so that will make things feel more chaotic than they really are. Today we're heading over to my grandpa's house to go through more stuff of my grandma's and have a big family dinner. Kevin might stay home to work on some projects in the yard, but he hasn't decided yet. Today is also my mom's birthday. Carson and I made her a strawberry birthday cake yesterday that we'll take over to my grandpa's house. I don't have Zumba on Tuesday - its our week off between sessions. I'll be taking Carson in for his 2-year portraits finally, instead. Wednesday Kevin leaves for Lafayette. He'll be coming home on Friday. And Saturday we have no set plans, but I think we'll probably end up going to breakfast with my parents for my mom's birthday. So its a pretty tame week again, which will be nice. Though I doubt we'll get as much done as we would normally since Kevin will be gone for several days. We'll see, though.

Last week didn't go quite as planned with the 3rd bedroom project. I started to move the computer down to the basement play area on Sunday and realized that Kevin hadn't wired the play area yet, like I thought he had and he hadn't thought about it being an issue. So we left the computer hooked up still and sitting on the floor of the 3rd bedroom until we can get the wiring done in the play area. Kevin and his dad worked on it yesterday afternoon/evening and got everything but the light switch wired, so Kevin should be able to finish it up this week on his own. And we can move the computer down today. Most everything else is out of the 3rd bedroom, though. And it's ready to be painted. We will hopefully be painting it this week and we will hopefully have the three coats of solid paint done by the end of next weekend. Then we'll just have the stripe to paint and the really time-consuming part... the trim and doors. Even though we didn't make as much progress as we'd hoped on the 3rd bedroom, I did get some unplanned spring cleaning projects done instead, at least. I cleaned out the entire cedar closet, moved some shelves in there, and now it is finally completely organized and looks nice. I also cleaned out the closet in the playroom, which we use for coats, shoes, and misc. stuff... and had become a place to hide things that I didn't know what to do with. So that is all nice and organized now, as well. I also cleaned out Carson's closet and went through all of his summer clothes from last year to see what will fit him this year. Most of his 18m shorts still fit him (and some are still too big!), so it'll be nice not to have to buy him many new shorts. Other than some sandals and some new hats, I think he's pretty much set on clothes and gear for this spring and summer, which is very nice! So all of his spring/summer stuff is now washed and hanging in his closet.

This week I'll continue to do some more spring cleaning chores and we'll continue to work on the 3rd bedroom. I think I'm going to can the cannellini beans, as well. I canned cream of mushroom soup last week since mushrooms were on sale. And I need to clean out my car so that it looks nice for our trip in a couple of weeks. I haven't vacuumed and dusted it out, or cleaned the windows since early fall, so it is pretty filthy! I think I'll put the stuff in my car and work on it during my lunch breaks at work this week.

So here is our menu and plan for the week...

Sunday ~ family dinner and cleaning out at Grandpa's
(make bread for week; move computer down to basement;paint ceiling of 3rd bedroom; worked outside cutting down bushes and trees and cleaning up some debris)
B: waffles from the freezer; strawberry syrup
L & D: it'll be a combo lunch and dinner at my grandpa's since we'll eat around 2 or 3

Meatless Monday ~
(clean out foyer closet; dust entire house; paint first coat on walls in 3rd bedroom; paint ceiling of 3rd bedroom)
B: PB toast and banana
L: S - yogurt; dried cherries; cashew butter with crackers; K - ham sandwich, chips, applesauce; C - cheese and crackers; apple slices with PB
D: spinach and chickpeas; fruit salad

Tuesday ~ Carson's pictures
(vacuum entire house; clean kitchen and bathroom)
B: smoothie with blueberries, banana, almond milk
L: leftover spinach and chickpeas; fruit salad
D: pork shoulder roast with potatoes and carrots in the crockpot... this will be our last roast from our pig last year... :(

Wednesday ~ Kevin leaves for Lafayette
(sort toys in Carson's bedroom and play room; put toys he is getting too old for into storage; make a list of toys to take in the car to Cleveland)
B: millet muffins
L: misc.
D: macaroni and cheese (with an irish white cheddar cheese); green beans; applesauce

Thursday ~ Kevin in Lafayette
(pull fridge and stove out and clean under and behind; clean out and organize lower corner cupboard in kitchen - its a huge cupboard that I completely filled and unorganized right now)
B: blueberry zucchini bread
L: leftover mac & cheese
D: grilled cheese sandwiches; tomato soup; sliced apples

Friday ~ Kevin returns from Lafayette
(cook beans in crockpot to can when we get home from work; paint second first coat on walls in 3rd bedroom)
B: blueberry zucchini bread
L: misc.
D: baked pork chimichangas using leftover pork roast; apple enchiladas

Saturday ~
(paint third and final second coat on walls in 3rd bedroom; take doors off in 3rd bedroom, prime, and paint 1st coat; start cleaning out part of the garage; finish electrical work in play area if necessary)
B: scrambled eggs; toast with strawberry jam
L: panini sandwiches with shredded pork, pear slices, and brie cheese


The Voogts said...

More great meals and lots of cleaning :) I'm holding off on my cleaning until next month I think. I hope everything goes smoothly with Kevin gone and that he doesn't have to keep going back.

Sara said...

I am trying to get as much of it done as possible before the really nice weather gets here b/c I know I won't want to be inside cleaning when we could be outside! :)