Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

This week doesn't look too busy, which will be nice. Hopefully we can bust out some projects this week. We hired a tree guy to do the drastic pruning of the existing 13 trees in the orchard (and cut 2 down that are beyond saving) - he got it all done yesterday. I'm so relieved to have that done! We had planned to do it all ourselves, but life has been so busy these last few weeks, so it was worth the $300 to have it done and checked off the list. We need to finish cleaning the basement and get a play area set up for Carson. So this week, I'd like to get the area under Carson's bedroom (right outside the fitness room) cleared out and cleaned, carpet laid out, computer desk and computer moved to corner, TV armoire set up, and some toys moved downstairs. That will be quite a time-consuming project, so it'll probably be the only project we can/should tackle this week... and hopefully we can actually finish it this week! I also would like to do our taxes this week.

Today we are going to church in Swartz Creek with much of my family. Then we'll be heading over to my Grandpa's for a ham dinner/lunch. Tuesday I will be in Detroit for meetings and I have Zumba. Friday I will be working in the morning and then I go back to the podiatrist in the afternoon for more injections into my heels. Saturday we'll be going to our cousin Mackenzey's 1st birthday party in Flushing.

I'm trying something new with the format of our menu this week. I'm going to try listing out breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a few weeks and see if it helps me at all. I know its a lot of detail to list on a blog, but I'm trying very hard to plan breakfasts during the week these days, so I figured this may help me accomplish this. And I figured, why not just have lunch in there, too. Lunch is always confusing, though... most days we all take different things, but some days we all get the same thing. It'd be much simpler if we all took the same thing every day... maybe that is something I can work towards. All steps toward getting a little more organized and making our work nights go more smoothly.

So here it is...

Sunday ~
(make steel cut oats; make bread for week; clear out area in basement; demo existing cabinets and remove)
B: mini frittatas with broccoli and swiss
L: ham; fried potatoes; veggies; applesauce at my Grandpa's
D: salads with leftover blacked red snapper; clementines and pineapple

Meatless Monday ~
(finish clearing out area in basement; vacuum ceiling, walls, and floor in basement; dust 1st floor)
B: steel cut oats with bananas and walnuts
L: S - yogurt with peaches, PB toast; K - leftovers; C - cheese/crackers, yogurt, peaches
corn chowder; homemade bread with apple butter; fresh oranges

Tuesday ~
(clean kitchen; vacuum entire house)
B: double berry scones from freezer
L: S - lunch at my meeting; K - ham sandwich, chips, raw carrots; C - millet muffin, scrambled egg, string cheese
D: baked chicken breasts; broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce; peaches

Wednesday ~
(make pumpkin scones; clean bathroom; lay out carpet in play area in basement; move TV armoire to space and fill with TV, DVD player, games, toys, etc.)
B: steel cut oats with applesauce, cinnamon, and raisins
L: S - out to lunch for Niles' bday; K & C - leftover corn chowder; bread; oranges
D: spinach, artichoke, and chicken penne; side salads; pear sauce

Thursday ~
(scrub floors in kitchen and bathroom; clean off computer desk)
B: pumpkin scones
L: leftover spinach, artichoke and chicken penne; pear sauce
D: brisket; ranch potato wedges; corn; applesauce

Friday ~
(taking it easy b/c my heels will be quite tender after the injections again; finish cleaning off computer desk; do 2009 taxes)
B: smoothie with frozen blueberries and strawberries, plain yogurt, almond milk
L: S - leftover corn chowder; K - leftover brisket and corn; C - leftover potato wedges and corn, applesauce
D: turkey tortilla casserole

Saturday ~
(make breadcrumbs or croutons with leftover bread from week; bake something with Carson; move computer desk to basement and computer)
B: scrambled eggs; turkey sausage links; toast with strawberry rhubarb jam
L: leftover turkey tortilla casserole
D: Mackenzey's 1st Birthday Party!


The Voogts said...

Sounds like some great meals! I like the new format. I may have to do something similar since I'm listing so many breakfasts now too. We all eat different lunches, and I don't plan those out for Rebecca and me (just see what's in the fridge/how much time we have:), so I won't list that. But I may have to start separating B and D. Good idea. Good luck with your to-dos and the injections. I hope they provide some relief. Have fun at Zumba and the party!

Sara said...

I don't normally plan out our lunches, either... usually its just whatever is in the fridge put together. But thought I'd give it a try. I may drop the lunch plannign thing, we'll see... depends on whether I'll actually stick to the plan this week, or not. :)