Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

Another fairly quiet week for us. Today we're mostly just taking it easy and working on the play area for Carson in the basement. We should finish it up today, we just have to move the computer desk and computer downstairs and we'll be done and can start a new project. We may run over to my Aunt Jeri's at 1:00 to help them tear out some carpet, but that's up in the air right now, so that might affect how much we get done here today, but maybe not. Tuesday I have Zumba. Friday is my flex day, which means Kindermusik for Carson and I! I also have another appointment at my podiatrist for my third (and final) injections. On Saturday, we're heading to the children's museum in Albion with our friends (it was postponed from two weeks ago). And I think we'll do a family movie night on Saturday night. Hopefully the weather is super nice again this week! We have really been taking advantage and playing outside, riding bikes and cars, every night when we get home from work. Everyone in our house has a bad case of spring fever, for sure!

I think we'll try to tackle another spring cleaning type project again this week. I want to clear out the 3rd bedroom so we can start painting it. We have a lot of stuff in there that we'll need to find new homes for. That will be the main focus this week. I'd also like to do some other spring cleaning chores, too.

Sunday ~
(make bread for week; make banana bread to use up some bananas; finish up play area in basement - move computer desk and computer down... and we're done! (computer is still in 3rd bedroom on the floor until we can get the wiring done in the play area); clear off shelves in 3rd bedroom and move shelves to basement cedar closet; clean out cedar closet and organize; clean all light fixtures/ceiling fans in the house; wipe down all the baseboards in house)
B: pancakes with blueberry syrup
L: sandwiches, leftovers, misc.
D: baked chicken with balsamic bbq sauce; roasted carrots and cauliflower; banana pudding

Meatless Monday ~
(move filing cabinet to cedar closet or basement playroom closet; start cleaning out closet in 3rd bedroom; vacuum entire house)
B: smoothies with frozen pineapple, peaches, mangoes, coconut, and almond milk
L: S - yogurt with peaches and granola, PB toast; K & C - leftover chicken and veggies
D: cheese and veggie quesadillas with sour cream and guacamole; fresh mangoes and oranges

Tuesday ~
(clean kitchen and bathroom; clean out Carson's closet)
B: PB toast and banana
L: S - out to lunch for Tim's bday; K - out to lunch; C - leftover quesadilla and oranges
D: meatless... baked macaroni and cheese (with an irish white cheddar cheese - yum!); three bean casserole; steamed broccoli; applesauce

Wednesday ~ Happy St. Patty's Day!!
(do some St. Patty's day crafts with Carson; continue cleaning out closet in 3rd bedroom)
B: hard boiled eggs; toast
L: leftover macaroni and cheese; broccoli; S: PB toast and a banana; K & C: three bean casserole; applesauce
D: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots; irish soda bread with strawberry jam; creme de menthe cake or chocolate mint brownies

Thursday ~
(finish cleaning out closet in 3rd bedroom; remove all other stuff from room; remove blinds from windows; tear out remaining carpet)
B: millet muffins from freezer
L: leftover corned beef and cabbage; irish soda bread
D: la bamba casserole; bread; fresh pineapple and bananas

Friday ~ Flex Day! Kindermusik; Podiatrist
(tape off trim in 3rd bedroom; prime walls in 3rd bedroom; install kitty door in door to basement; clean windows in dining room, living room, and kitchen)
B: bruleed yogurt parfaits
L: leftover la bamba casserole; misc.
D: order pizza or grill steaks and baked potatoes

Saturday ~ Albion Childrens Museum; Family Movie Night
(make breadcrumbs from leftover bread; paint first coat on walls in 3rd bedroom; get play area in basement wired; clean windows in bedrooms and playroom)
B: scrambled eggs; fresh fruit; toast
L: out to eat in Albion
D: vegetable beef soup in the crockpot; zucchini yeast rolls from freezer; pound cake with strawberries (both from freezer)
Family Movie Night: We'll pop some popcorn in my new electric popcorn maker that I inherited from my Grandma and watch some movies... "The Bee Movie" with Carson and then Kevin and I will rent "New Moon" from OnDemand after Carson goes to bed.


The Voogts said...

Sounds like another productive and more great meals! Good luck with the cleaning and the exercise. Enjoy the weather while it lasts...I hear we might get more snow soon :(

The Voogts said...

oops...meant productive week.