Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

So we didn't have the topsoil delivered last week. I had it scheduled for Saturday afternoon, but the guys called and said it was just too wet. We'll talk tomorrow and see where we're at... though its supposed to rain tomorrow, so I doubt it'll happen till more towards the end of the week. Maybe we can shoot for Wednesday or Thursday and it'll be ready for us when we get back from camping. We have gotten a lot of the clean up done in the front yard - most of the roots and sticks have been picked up, I have popped out all the pre-existing concrete garden borders, and I've started digging up some stuff and moving it. We still have some to do, though. I have a lot more digging out to do in the flower beds, but I can't do much more till I know when the dirt is coming and have an idea of when things can get back in the ground. We've got our work cut out for us, but its such fun work! I seriously love landscaping projects - I should have gone to school for something related to it... hindsight is 20/20, right. ;-). Anyway, we took a trip to a local nursery yesterday and picked out some shrubs for the front and a new dwarf Japanese Maple tree for off the corner of the house. We bought the tree because there was only one like it. We'll go back for the shrubs when we're ready for them.

So this week will be filled with lots of yard work and preparation for camping next weekend. We're headed to PJ Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon with our friends, Ben and Kati. Kevin and I have been there before, but its been a good 8 or 9 years since we've been there. We're looking forward to a weekend away filled with fun... even though the weather forecast looks perfect for us to knock out some yard work. But we need the break. :)

Today, we're heading out to check out some local farmers markets. Tuesday I have Zumba. I might stop by the Allen Street market in Lansing on Wednesday after work. Thursday will be all prep for our trip. Friday we're leaving for Muskegon, but Carson and I will have to make a quick trip out to Linden to pick up a CSA order in the morning. There is a small group of local, organic/sustainable farmers that put together an online CSA for folks in our area. Most of them also do normal CSAs and then had the idea to distribute even more through this online system. As a customer, you don't have to commit to anything in advance, there are no membership fees, so you just order what you need/want that week. Right now, they're doing 2-week rotations, but once crops start producing well, they'll move to every week. Its a pretty good deal for everyone. For our first order, I ordered some heirloom tomato plants, orange and green bell pepper plants, braeburn apples, yukon gold potatoes, pork chops, mozzarella cheese, raw milk parmesan cheese, and raw milk colby cheese. I have a great cheese guy in Lansing, but figured I'd try out a few of this farmer's cheeses to see how they compare. The CSA guy has better prices than my Lansing guy, so hopefully his cheese is awesome, too!

So anyway, here's the plan for the week...

Sunday ~ SC and GB farmers markets
(make blueberry coffee cake; make honey whole wheat bread; work outside)
B: blueberry coffee cake
L: misc. leftovers
D: grilled t-bone steaks;creamed spinach; grilled asparagus; peaches

Meatless Monday ~
(clean bathroom, kitchen, and master bedroom)
B: strawberry bread
L: misc.
D: whole wheat crepes with mushrooms and spinach

Tuesday ~ Zumba
(vacuum; dust)
B: blueberry coffee cake
L: S & K - romaine salad with strawberries, walnuts, and gorgonzola; C - misc.
D: grilled chicken breasts marinated in italian dressing; grilled asparagus; applesauce

Wednesday ~ Allen St farmers market
(work outside in the yard)
B: strawberry bread
L: misc.
D: spaghetti; green beans; peaches

Thursday ~
(food prep for camping - slice cheese, sprout quinoa, slice fruit, slice veggies, make pesto pea salad; package everything up and pack everything that we can)
B: strawberry bread
L: leftovers and misc. to clean out the fridge
D: leftovers and misc. to clean out the fridge

Friday ~ pick up CSA order; camping at PJ Hoffmaster

Saturday ~ camping at PJ Hoffmaster

Here's what I'm bringing for meals while camping... everything is organic/sustainable and everything but the bread for sandwiches (which will be for the boys) is gluten free... Kati will be bringing something for a Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, as well.
B: yogurt parfaits... yogurt; granola; fresh fruit (strawberries)
L: chips/salsa; sliced cucumbers; baby carrots; pesto pea salad; turkey sandwiches
D: hobo dinners
Snacks: chewy granola bars; crunchy granola bars; sliced cheese and GF nut crackers; raw tabbouleh; hummus; bananas
Drinks: bottled water, beer, apple juice
Misc.: ketchup; mustard; mayo; salt; pepper

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Mary Voogt said...

How exciting about the CSA! I hope the cheese is good.

Have fun camping!