Thursday, February 12, 2009

Call me crazy...

But I ordered more vegetable seeds... yeah, I know, I'm a little out of control here. I am just super excited to have a huge garden this year and have come up with some more veggies I really want to grow. I figure, what's a few more?? :) Here's what I've ordered now... this order came from Johnny's Seeds.

Brussels Sprouts - Oliver
Okra - Cajun Delight
Pac Choi - Mei Qing Choi
Parsnips - Javelin
Summer Squash - Magda... its a middle-eastern variety that sounds and looks yummy
Winter Squash - a smaller size Butternut squash that is supposed to produce way more fruits than did the variety I grew last year
Yukina Savoy - its a green, similar to spinach, but its supposed to be even better tasting (no bitterness)

You'll notice there are some duplicates from what I've already ordered. I had to order more parsnips since the variety I'd chosen before are out-of-stock. So if I didn't order more, I wouldn't have parsnips this year... that there would be a travesty! I ordered another variety of okra so that I could see the difference between the two varieties. I love okra, so I know we'll be able to use it up - plus I'm sure I'll have some extra seeds to share if anyone (Mary?) wanted to try a plant or two. And I decided to try out the smaller sized butternut squash to see if it really will yield more than my plants did last year. Plus, butternut squash stores so well, if I store it properly it should last till next February/early-March.

So yes, more veggies, more work for me, but also more benefit to our little family of three. Not to mention, I'm actually hoping for bumper crops of many things so that I can donate them to the less-fortunate and maybe trade with friends/family for different varieties to try some new ones.


Justin and Mary said...

You are crazy :p Crazy about veggies! You are going to have such a good garden. You'll have your hands full this summer and fall. If you have extra okra seeds I'll see if Justin is willing to plant a few. All of your veggies sound good. Carson will have such a good veggie palate :)

Sara said...

I've been learning a lot of new things about planting the veggies, too. Like inter-planting different things at the same time in one bed... then they'll mature at different speeds and get out of the way for the later veggies. Seems to save a lot of space... and weeding! :) My goal this year is to get 80-90% of the veggies we consume in the year from our garden alone... which will indeed make me very busy the summer and fall with preservation. I'm planning to do a lot more dehydrating of veggies than I did last year... makes for easy soups in the winter. That's really why I ended up ordering even more zucchini/summer squash - I plan to dehydrate a good majority of it.

I'll definitely share some okra seeds with you guys if you're interested. Maybe we can even do a couple swaps for different varieties (like 2 seeds of your zucchini for 2 seeds of mine type of thing)... depending on how many seeds we actually both have anyway. Something to think about, though. :)