Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Recap & Meal Plans

We had a busy weekend filled with family fun. We met up with Kevin's entire immediate family on Saturday afternoon for a trip to a local orchard where we picked up some pumpkins and a half-bushel of McIntosh apples to do more applesauce. Today we've been busy catching up on household chores and preparing for Kevin's trip to Lafayette (he didn't go last week and is now leaving in the morning).

Meals this week may end up looking something like this... only one new recipe on the list (Saturday)...

Sunday ~ we went out to eat to Ruby Tuesday with some of Kevin's family
Monday ~ leftover chili chicken soup since Kevin will be out of town
Tuesday ~ grilled cheese or something easy since Kevin will still be gone
Wednesday ~ chili in the crockpot
Thursday ~ italian wedding soup from the freezer
Friday ~ leftover chili
Saturday ~ baked Costa Rican style tilapia

I'm hoping to can more applesauce and still need to do some apple pie filling this week. Pears are on sale at Horrocks again this week, so I'll be picking up a bunch to do another couple batches of pear sauce, too. I feel like we won't be able to have too much pear sauce and applesauce on hand the way Carson loves the stuff. I don't think I'll end up being able to can enough, really. Right now we're going through about two pints a week! I also need to get my dehydrator back out and dry some more herbs from the garden before they're killed by frost. I think I'll do up some more parsley-pistachio pesto to freeze as well. My parsley is completely out of control still - I can't believe how abundant it has been this year! This should keep me plenty busy this week... and most likely probably won't all get done, but hey I can hope, right? :)

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