Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carrots for Carson

I used about three pounds of Michigan carrots to do up some carrot baby food for Carson this morning. I first washed, peeled, and rinsed the carrots. Then chopped them into large pieces and threw them onto a baking sheet. I decided to try baking them rather than steaming as I've done with the sweet potatoes and squash. This was on recommendation from some other moms on a homemade baby food message board. I guess baking them retains more nutrients than steaming them does, which I didn't know. I knew that steaming retained more nutrients than boiling, but didn't know about the baking. Plus, I guess it makes them even sweeter tasting, which Carson will love. I baked them at 300 for about a half hour, till they were tender. Then I ran them through the food processor with a small amount of water to puree them up and now have them freezing in ice cube trays. I have enough for probably 32 meals for Carson.

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Justin & Mary said...

Good to know about the baking vs. steaming. I did my first batch of sweet potatoes the other day...I did them in the microwave. I wonder how that compares. I just followed the directions from that baby food cookbook you got me.