Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekend Recap & Meal Plans

On Friday, I canned a second batch of tomato sauce and I'll be doing a third batch this afternoon/evening. That will use up the tomatoes from our garden. I'm pretty happy with the yields we had this year - I was able to use our own tomatoes in quite a lot of canned goods and to eat in meals. I do want to pick up maybe a half-bushel of tomatoes from the local farmer down the street to do up some more chopped tomatoes and tomato sauce. We'll see if I make it down there this afternoon, otherwise I'll stop by their place tomorrow after work.

Yesterday, we went to the Flushing Harvest Festival with my parents, grandparents, Aunt Jeri and Uncle Mike. It wasn't that entertaining, but it was still nice to get out and do something different. We had dinner and spent some time back at my grandparents' house afterwards. Today, I'll be finishing up the cleaning and laundry, prepping and canning another batch of tomato sauce, and hope to get out to the garden to clean things up a bit, while Kevin will be changing the oil in the Vibe, working on the Craftsman tractor a bit more, and helping Danny with his brakes.

As far as meals go this week, I'm going to try out a couple more new recipes (Monday and Thursday), so we'll see how they go. I love all sorts of different ethnic foods and I'm excited to try these out. Even Kevin thought they sounded ok, so I hope they taste as good as they sound.

Sunday ~ grilled texas broil steak, grilled baked potatoes, and corn on the cob change of plans, we just pieced things together. Kevin had Arby's and I just had a toasted english muffin with homemade raspberry jam, a string cheese, some steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and some applesauce.
Monday ~ crockpot chicken veggie curry grilled texas broil steak, grilled baked potatoes, and corn on the cob
Tuesday ~ grilled cheese sandwiches and italian wedding soup from the freezer crockpot chicken veggie curry
Wednesday ~ probably will eat at my parents since my Mom is watching Carson
Thursday ~ crockpot morrocan lentil stew/soup with homemade bread leftover chicken veggie curry
Friday ~ pork chops in the crockpot with smashed potatoes and steamed veggies We had pork chops on Wednesday, so I think I'll just throw together a quick pasta for dinner tonight instead
Saturday ~ TBD... depends on what the weekend plans evolve into

I'm working on cleaning out my pantry and using up a lot of the stuff in the freezers that have been in there awhile. I might try to do some baking this week to use up a few things - I think I might make some cupcakes to take into the Davison office and I'd like to make some bread. I'm also going to have Kevin stop at the orchard in Fenton on his way home one night this week to pick up some more apples so I can try making some apple butter. I still want to do more applesauce, some apple pie filling, and lots of apple butter... so I figure I should get on it before I miss the apple season.

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kat said...

The apples are just perfect right now. We made some applesauce last night & it turned out so yummy