Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Recap & Meal Plans

It was a productive weekend in the kitchen as the harvest season is slowly coming to an end. As you can see from my previous posts this weekend, I canned a batch of pear sauce for Carson, steamed/pureed/froze some sweet potatoes (now have enough for about 20 meals in the freezer), steamed/pureed/froze some kabocha squash (enough for 12 meals in the freezer), and have a batch of apple butter processing in the canner right now. I also canned another batch of smooth unsweetened applesauce for Carson. I think I will try to can one more batch of applesauce for Carson this week and I'll be doing up a batch of apple pie filling to can as well. We'll be making another orchard trip next Saturday with the Holleboom family, so I'm sure I'll pick up more apples and end up doing more sauce, butter, and pie filling.

Kevin will be going down to Lafayette, Indiana for a few days this week, so there will be a couple of nights of meals on my own. I'm only trying out one new recipe this week (Friday). But otherwise, here's what I'm thinking for the week.

Sunday ~ grilled chicken marinated in italian dressing, grilled baked potatoes, green beans
Monday ~ grilled burgers from the freezer, corn, baked beans for Kevin
Tuesday ~ spinach-chive fettucine with meat sauce, garlic bread, peas
Wednesday ~ leftovers and piecing things together since Kevin will be in Lafayette
Thursday ~ leftovers and piecing things together since Kevin will be in Lafayette
Friday ~ Chili Chicken and Vegetable Soup with homemade bread (might try beer bread)
Saturday ~ we'll be eating with Kevin's family having crockpot roasted chicken, squash, corn souffle, peas, baked potatoes, cake, and ice cream

As far as the extra projects go, I probably will just use up the apples we have left to do more sauce and some apple pie filling. If I even get that done, I guess. I think I'll have my hands full being on my own for 3 days/2 nights, so probably won't have time for much else this week.

On a side note, I finally got my pics up of the curry, sweet potatoes, pear sauce, and squash.

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