Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

Happy Easter everyone! We have a somewhat busy week this week. Today we are going to Kevin's parents' church for Easter. Then we'll be heading over to my mom's house for a family dinner and egg hunt. Kevin is off on Monday. Tuesday I am meeting my friend's mom at a local country club for some baby shower planning. Thursday I have to drop our milk jars off to Diane. Friday is my flex day. Carson and I will be meeting up with my friend Kati and her son, Anthony, for some walking, talking, and shopping. We might try to do a quick pedicure, too.... we'll see if Carson and Anthony are sleeping in their strollers at the same time. ;) We don't have any firm plans for Saturday. If its nice, we'll stay home and work outside. If the weather isn't the greatest, we'll head down to the Detroit Science Center for the day.

Here's the plan.... I haven't decided what extras I'm going to tackle yet this week. I'll fill them in as the week progresses.  I need to move some raspberry bushes one day this week, but that's really the only definite thing so far.  And that will depend on the weather. 

On a side note... we went to Bordine's yesterday to buy a couple fruit trees.  We had planned to go on Friday, but the rain kept us from going.  But thankfully we had awesome weather all day long yesterday, so we went in the morning.  The rabbits killed three of my new fruit trees last year (2 made it).  So I replaced the Bing Cherry with a Ranier Cherry, and the Braeburn apple with a Golden Delicious apple.  They didn't have the semi-dwarf peach trees in yet, so I'll have to replace the peach tree once they do.  And these new trees are wrapped so the rabbits can't eat the young bark.  So anyway, we planted them yesterday afternoon.  I also did a lot of clean up work outside, but there is so much more to do.  :) 

Anyway... on with the plan...

Sunday - Easter; church; family dinner
B: yogurt; fruit; gf strawberry banana coconut muffins
L&D: at my mom's, much of what we're having are things I'm trying to avoid or really limit... so I am bringing some raw veggies with homemade ranch veggie dip and guacamole, and an asparagus salad

Breakfast options:
strawberry banana coconut muffins; fried eggs with sausage; yogurt with fruit; kefir smoothies

Lunch and snack options:
leftovers; egg salad avocado boats; big ol' salads; raw veggies with dip; fruit rolls; crispy almonds and pecans; yogurt; fresh fruit; sliced cheese

Monday - Kevin is off
primal mushroom pizzas; lettuce salad; fresh fruit

Tuesday - Spring Meadows CC
misc. leftovers

Wednesday -
zucchini egg bake; roasted cauliflower, broccoli and mushrooms; applesauce

Thursday - drop off milk jars at Diane's
salads with grilled marinated flank steak, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, carrots, avocado, balsamic vinaigrette

Friday - flex; shopping with Kati and Anthony
TBD... possibly eating at Ben and Kati's house

Saturday - Detroit Science Center? Work outside?
TBD.... depends on what we end up doing


The Voogts said...

Those muffins sound good! New recipe?

Hope things went well at Good Shepherd :) We have get there and see the new church. How fun that Kevin is off.

Enjoy your time with Kati and Anthony! I'd love to see more pics :)

Good luck with all of the garden work. So jealous of all of your fruit.

Sara said...

Sort of. I made the blueberry banana coconut muffins from Nourished and Nurtured a couple of weeks ago. They were awesome. Then I saw your strawberry muffins last week. So I thought I'd just sub in strawberries for the blueberries in the N&N recipe. They are so good! I'll post them soon.