Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

We sure did get a lot of rain last week. Thankfully our basement stayed completely dry!! This was the first time it has stayed dry when we've had so much rain since we moved into our home. So this was a huge milestone for us! All our hard work re-doing the front yard and gardens to adjust the grade last year has paid off. Woohoo!! Now let's just hope this new trend continues.

Even with all the rain last week, just about every afternoon (except one) was quite sunny and nice. It is so much nicer when the sun comes out later in the day after rains.... it makes the gloomy mornings bearable. We went on walks and bike rides almost every day last week. Friday and Saturday were sunny all day, so we spent most of our time outdoors both days. Spring in Michigan is so beautiful! Hopefully the sun sticks around this week, too.  We got a lot of work done outside these last two days... hopefully we're able to continue the progress... if our bodies can keep up.  We are very sore this morning! 

Today we are headed to church. We don't have a lot going on during the work-week this week. Wednesday is our annual plant exchange at lunch time at work. I was an organizer this year, so hope it goes off without a hitch. Friday is my day to pick up the milk and also pick up our CSA order. Saturday we are having some of my dad's family (grandma, my parents, some cousins) over to celebrate my Grandma's birthday, which is on Wednesday. And that's it. Hopefully we have some nice weather so we can be outside after work everyday.

Here's the plan...

Breakfast options:
fried eggs; sausage; yogurt; fruit; gf granola; hard-boiled eggs; gf muffins

Lunch and snack options:
leftovers; big ol' salads; egg salad with avocado; raw carrots and peppers; apple slices with almond butter; sliced cheese; cheese crisps

Sunday - church
(make kefir; make cheese crisps; chop veggies for week)
bacon wrapped chicken breasts stuffed with soft cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and spinach; green beans; peaches

Monday -
ham steaks; asparagus; cauliflower; peaches

Tuesday -
(dig plants for exchange)
creamed spinach croques monsieurs (with no bread); sweet potato fries; applesauce

Wednesday - MDOT plant exchange at lunch
(boil eggs; make egg salad)
local/healthy/organic pork brats; salads; roasted cauliflower

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - milk and CSA p/u
chuck roast in the crockpot with cauliflower and carrots

Saturday - Grandma's birthday party
grilled burgers; grilled veggies; fresh fruit; potato salad; pasta salad; raw veggies & dip; birthday cake; ice cream


Mary Voogt said...

Where did you get all of your sun??? It was gloomy all week here until Friday. And even yesterday we had some rain in the afternoon. I'm still waiting for the nice sunny spring weather to show up. Crazy how different it can be on the other side of the state. We haven't even planted anything yet. Justin at least finally got to mow the lawn yesterday before it rained.

Enjoy your low key week. Sounds like lots of yummy food as usual.

Sara said...

I'm amazed how different the weather can be between here and Fenton or Grand Blanc! It can be sunny one place and cloudy/rainy the next.