Sunday, May 8, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms!!! I hope you all have a great day today! I hope we will be so fortunate to see both our moms today. I think we're heading to my MIL's church this morning. Hopefully, anyway. Both the boys in this house aren't crazy about the idea of going to church today. So we'll see. After church, we'll see if my in-laws want to go to lunch. Then we'll head out to Fenton for a family party with my mom's family. The weather is beautiful again today, so we're all looking forward to spending time outside. Maybe we'll get to go on the first boat ride of the season. :)

As for the rest of the week, we have a somewhat busy week. Tomorrow my SIL goes in bright and early for a c-section delivery of their second child. We're very excited to hear the news and meet the baby later this week! Tuesday is my WAPF meeting and loan signing. We decided to re-finance one of our cars for a lower interest rate. So we'll have to go sign the paperwork to finalize it. Kevin might be leaving for Tennessee on Wednesday, but he's not sure yet. Not sure when he'll be back. Friday is my flex day. I'll be going to get my milk since I won't be home when Dianne would normally drop it off. So I'll take care of that in the morning. Then we'll be headed to Grand Rapids in the late afternoon. We'll be meeting the newest addition to the family and going to an open house for one of Kevin's cousins. We have no plans on Saturday, so we're looking forward to a day of yard work!

I'm changing up the meal plans again, to allow more flexibility. Just a listing of meals that I can select from during the week.

Breakfast options:
Fried eggs with bacon
yogurt and fruit
kefir smoothies
grain free blueberry coconut muffins from freezer

Lunch and Snack options:
egg salad with avocado
hard boiled eggs
apples with almond butter
deviled eggs

Dinner options:
leftover burgers, deviled eggs, and fruit from Saturday
salads with chopped leftover burger, bacon, avocado, tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and homemade ranch
pork souvlaki, roasted veggies, fruit
crustless quiche with bacon, spinach, peppers, broccoli
grilled marinated chicken breasts, grilled veggies, applesauce

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Mary Voogt said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have fun with both families.

I hope Kevin doesn't have to be gone long if at all.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Friday. We'll be in contact tomorrow :)