Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

I cannot believe today is supposed to hit 80 degrees!  Granted, it's supposed to start raining and storming (even thought its not yet and it was supposed to have been already... we'll see if it actually storms or not), but 80 degrees... yeah!  :o)  Yesterday was awesome and this week looks pretty great, too.  Carson and I planted some peas, beets, and spinach in the veggie garden yesterday.  We got a lot of yard work done, too.  It was so nice to be outside nearly the entire day and night. 

Today we are headed to church.  We're going to make a trip to Tractor Supply Co. this afternoon to check out the baby chicks and bunnies and pick up a few things.  Thursday I am going out to dinner with some friends and I need to drop our milk jars and cooler off at Diane's house.  Friday is my flex day.  Carson and I are going to do something fun, but I'm not sure what yet.  If the weather is nice, we're going to go to MSU for the Butterflies in the Garden.  Saturday we are headed to Grand Rapids for my niece's 3rd birthday party. 

Here's the plan... I haven't decide what all I'll do for extras this week, so only today is filled in.

Sunday ~ church; TSC
(make kefir; hard-boil eggs; make egg salad; cook ground beef; prep veggies for week; make parmesan cheese crisps; make apple pie larabars; clean out cabinet under sink)
B: fried eggs; sausage
L: egg salad avocado boats; raw carrots and cukes; berries from freezer with cream
D: grilled salmon; roasted veggies; applesauce

Breakfast options:
fried or scrambled eggs; sausage links; egg-sausage-veggie muffins; avocado-asparagus-cream cheese omelets

Lunch and snack options:
leftovers; big ol' salads; egg salad mixed with mashed avocado; raw veggies with ranch; cheese crisps; fresh fruit; apple pie larabars

Monday ~
(clean out far right drawers in peninsula; clean out upper cupboard above peninsula)
balsamic glazed pork chops; asparagus; cauliflower; carrots; peaches

Tuesday ~
stir-fry with chicken, green beans, broccoli, peppers, onions

Wednesday ~
(clean out cupboard with plates in it; clean out utensil drawers in peninsula)
spaghetti squash casserole; asparagus; peaches

Thursday ~ drop milk bottles/cooler off at Diane's; dinner with friends
S - Mongolian BBQ with friends; K&C - leftovers

Friday ~ flex; MSU Butterflies?
(hard boil eggs; make mayo; make egg salad; make kefir; plant shell peas; dig raspberries up for Melissa; clean out side flower bed)
crockpot beef roast with carrots  crockpot paleo stuffed peppers; broccoli and green beans from freezer; applesauce

Saturday ~ Rebecca's bday party
(clean out and organize Carson's art table; clean out and organize tv stand)
dinner at SIL's for Rebecca's birthday

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The Voogts said...

Sounds like a nice week. Glad things worked out for the milk pick up. That should save you some time.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday! Hopefully the weather is still nice.