Sunday, April 3, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

Today we're headed to church.  We're going to give the First Baptist Church in Swartz Creek another try this morning.  We may head up to Longway Planetarium this afternoon for a children's show.  We'll see what the weather ends up being... if it's raining, we'll go to Longway.  Otherwise, we'll save it for another weekend.  Tuesday we're going to see a Berenstain Bears live production.  Soccer is done now, so we have our Wednesday evenings back.  We had fun, but it'll be nice to have our evening back now that the weather is starting to get nicer.  Friday is milk and CSA pickup after work.  Saturday we will possibly be celebrating my nephew's birthday.

I will be meeting up with another cow share owner one night this week... probably on Wednesday.  We live about 2.5 miles apart and are going to start sharing the responsibilities of picking up our milk... so I'll only have to go every other week from now on.  This will be great, especially with the price of gas going up.  We'll figure out schedule and whatnot when we meet up this week, but I'm really hoping I can start this week... picking up the milk on the weeks I work Fridays.  Especially right now when CSA Farmer's Market is only on every-other-week pickups and they fall on my work Fridays.  I have to be out in Argentine, anyway.  Plus, its easier for me to swing out that way to get the milk and CSA on my way home from work than it is to make a special trip out there on my flex Fridays.  So hopefully that works out.  I'm looking forward to getting to know this couple.  Diane and I spent about an hour and a half on the phone chatting last night.  Sounds like we have a lot we can both learn from one another. 
Here's the plan...

Sunday ~ church; Longway?
(chop/prep veggies for week; hard-boil eggs; make kefir; make peanut butter coconut bars)
B: fried eggs; bacon
L: leftovers
D: beef roast in the crockpot with carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes; chocomole

Breakfast options:
fried or scrambled eggs with bacon or sausage; grain-free blueberry banana muffins; yogurt with granola; kefir smoothies

Lunch and snack options:
big ol' salads (greens, chicken, cucumbers, avocado, hard boiled eggs, crumbled bacon, leftover cooked veggies, etc.); leftovers from dinner; apples with almond butter; sliced cheese; raw veggies with homemade ranch; peanut butter coconut bars; peaches or applesauce

Monday ~
bacon wrapped salmon cakes with asparagus; yellow beans; applesauce

Tuesday ~ Berenstain Bears at FYT
beef stew in the crockpot; peaches

Wednesday ~ meet up with Diane?
ham from freezer; roasted carrots, brussels, and cauliflower; applesauce

Thursday ~ nephew's birthday dinner and gifts
(make kefir)
almond crusted chicken; peas; corn; broccoli  dinner at SIL's house for nephew's birthday... we're having sloppy joes

Friday ~ milk & CSA p/u; funeral home
(culture milk for soft cheese; start beef stock in roaster)
quiche with ham, broccoli, leeks, and provolone

Saturday ~ Joel's bday party?
(make butter; hang soft cheese; continue cooking beef stock)
B: kefir smoothies; leftover quiche
L: leftovers
D: turkey noodle soup in the crockpot


The Voogts said...

Have fun at the show on Tuesday! Sounds great. Good luck with the milk pick-up details. How nice to have someone so close to share the job with.

We had so much fun yesterday. Thanks again. Just wishing my tummy wasn't paying the price this morning :\

Can't wait to see how the pottery turns out.

Millie said...

I love seeing your meal plans! Especially knowing that you have such a full schedule with work and that commute. I am in awe at all you get done.