Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meal plans and the week ahead

We have a very low key week this week. Hopefully that means we'll be productive. I've been doing a lot of spring cleaning these last 3 weeks or so and would like to finish it up this week. And hopefully the weather is somewhat decent this week, too. 

Today we're headed to church at Resurrection Reformed.  We may go to Longway Planetarium this afternoon since we didn't go a couple of weeks ago, but we'll just see how the afternoon plays out.  We may save it for another day again.  Thursday I will be down in Detroit and Windsor all day for a tour with some U.S. Dept. of State officials.  Kevin may be off on Friday for Good Friday - I think he is, but he doesn't - so if he is off, I may try to work extra each day this week so I can just use a few vacation hours and have Friday off, but at this point I'm working.  Friday is my day to pick up milk and we're still on every-other week CSA pick up, so I'll swing by the mill, too.  Saturday we have no plans at the moment, but we may be doing an Easter dinner with my in-laws since they're going to be gone on Easter Sunday in the afternoon.  So we'll play it by ear for now. 

Sunday - church (RRC); Longway? 
(chop veggies for week; prep snacks and lunch items; make kefir; thaw ground beef and stock; clean out front coat closet and playroom closet)
B: fried eggs; sausage; grapes
L: egg salad avocado boats; misc. leftovers
D: butternut squash soup with sausage

Breakfast options:
kefir smoothies; fried eggs; banana pancakes; bacon; veggie omelets

Lunch and snack options:
leftovers from dinner; big ol' salads; egg salad with avocado; sliced cheese with cucumbers; raisins; dried banana chips; pickles; sliced local pepperoni

Monday -
(clean in laundry area in basement)
paleo salmon florentine; peaches

Tuesday -
(clean in laundry area in basement)
paleo salisbury steak; broccoli, carrots, green beans; applesauce

Wednesday -
(clean in laundry area in basement)

Thursday - Detroit and Windsor for work
(thaw chicken)
crockpot turkey veggie egg drop soup

Friday - p/u milk and CSA
(clean out shelves next to refrigerator in kitchen; clean out linen closet in bathroom)
crockpot rotisserie chicken; roasted veggies; applesauce

Saturday -
(make chicken broth; hard boil eggs; make deviled eggs and egg salad; clean out dresser drawers in master bedroom)
B: omelets; kefir smoothies
L: deviled eggs; salads with carrots, cucumbers, orange bell peppers, avocado, sliced chicken
D: paleo chicken enchilada bake

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The Voogts said...

Sounds like some yummy meals! I'm jealous of all of your salads. I'd love to eat a salad every day for lunch. But it will be a while before I'm ready for that. I try to be good and only do a few bites of raw veggies here and there. Really stinks.

Anxious to hear about all of the paleo recipes.

Good luck with the cleaning.