Sunday, January 31, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

Today we were supposed to be heading down to Brighton to my cousin Becky's house for my cousin Charlie's birthday party, but Charlie is sick with a cold, so the party is postponed until next Sunday so the rest of us aren't exposed to the cold germs and can't see my grandma. So instead, we're going to go visit my grandparents for a short while this morning. Then we'll be heading home to either work in the 3rd bedroom or outside in the orchard. Tomorrow Kevin will be in Lafayette, Indiana. Tuesday I start an evening Zumba class. Thursday I'll be in Detroit all day for some meetings. Friday is my flex day and Carson's and my first day of Kindermusik! Saturday we'll be heading to the west side for a Calvin basketball game and dinner with the fam to celebrate my father's-in-law birthday.

For extras this week... I'm not planning much because I have no idea how late I'll be working again this week. So I've got some easy extras this week... things that don't require a lot of active time, anyway. I'm planning to can tomato soup on Thursday evening - we'll see how much the recipe makes, but I'm hoping to get at least 4 or 5 pints after we've eaten some for dinner. I'm also planning to cook cannellini beans (from our garden!) in the crockpot on Friday and can them that evening. I'll be working on some advance stuff for Carson's birthday parties - games, gift bags, wrapping gifts, etc. And I would really like to get an apple tree or two pruned in the orchard today (if it doesn't happen today, it won't happen all week, so we'll see).

I'm also trying to get in the habit of making some sort of breakfast for us, every morning, but on work mornings, especially. Normally we just run out the door without eating - Carson eats at the sitter's, but Kevin and I just skip and eat at lunch. If I have any hope of continuing to lose weight, I need to get in the habit of actually having something for breakfast - no skipping meals. Kevin and Carson love eating cereal, but I can only eat it once a week, if that... it's just not my favorite thing. I bought a new blender last week so we can make smoothies again. You can make smoothies so healthy and full of vitamins and nutrients - they're a great way to start your day! So the plan this week is to make a smoothie every work morning so that we can all take it with us in the car. We started this morning, making them to go along with our eggs and toast. Carson absolutely LOVES smoothies and is always super excited when we're having them. We haven't had them in awhile now, though, since our blender had broken. So they are going to be a nice treat again. I may also make up some breakfast burritos and/or oatmeal casserole this afternoon to freeze for an easy microwave breakfast to go. We'll see how much time I have this afternoon, though.

Anyway, here's our menu for dinners... another meat-limited week...

Sunday - beef ravioli from the freezer; sauteed zucchini and green beans in garlic and EVOO; thawed blueberries and strawberries from the farmers' markets

Meatless Monday - we'll try this again since I didn't have time to make it last week... german-style warm potato salad; fresh oranges or clementines

Tuesday - meatless again... zucchini crab cakes; green beans sauteed in garlic and EVOO; applesauce

Wednesday - quiche with spinach, broccoli, carrots, diced ham, cheddar and swiss

Thursday - meatless again... grilled cheese sandwiches; tomato soup in the crockpot; sliced apples with peanut butter

Friday - Flex Day! since I didn't have a chance to make it last week... let's try this meatless meal again... miso soup; romaine salad with homemade ginger salad dressing; veggie stir-fry with edamame, mushrooms, peppers, onions, broccoli, and pea pods

Saturday - Grand Rapids for basketball game and FIL's birthday party at my SIL's house... we're having a taco bar


The Voogts said...

Wow, how can you go without breakfast?! Aren't you absolutely starving by lunch? I have a good sized breakfast around 6. Then a snack at 9...all before I get to lunch. And I'm still super hungry by 12. I think I'd way overeat if I skipped breakfast. Or I'd just want to munch on junk all morning. Definitely a must for weight and appetite management. Not to mention you can get some very healthy food/vitamins/fiber/etc. into your diet that way. I'm so hungry the instant I get out of bed. I've just never understood how people can go without breakfast. I'd have such a stomach ache if I didn't eat in the morning.

Looks like some yummy meatless meals this week!

Hope things settle down soon and you can make some time for exercise. Good luck with the Zumba class. Let me know what you think of it. Sounds like fun.

Sara said...

It has always been very difficult for me to eat breakfast. I'm just not hungry in the mornings... and when I do eat, I don't feel the greatest all morning. I force myself to eat an egg and half a piece of toast or something like that on the weekends. I'm fine with just one cup of coffee (used to be pop) and drinking water all morning. And nope, I'm not starving at lunch. I don't really eat that much for lunch, either. Sometimes its leftovers, but lately its been just 1 cup of soup and about a cup of raw veggies. And I don't munch on much of anything on the work days - I'm just too busy to think about eating. I keep low-fat string cheese, raw veggies, and low-fat cottage cheese in my mini fridge at my desk to snack on if I need them, but don't use them very often.