Sunday, January 3, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

Back to work this week. :( I'm really going to miss all of our family time and being with my little man all day. It makes it even harder for me, mentally, because my Plan A expired just after Christmas... so now its back to working 80 hours a pay period instead of 64. While it will be really nice to have a full pay check again... especially considering that we'll probably have to pay for a new roof this summer and the difference in pay between now and then will cover that cost... its just that I value my time spent with Carson more highly... and I am really going to miss that. At least I can go back to a Flex schedule, so I will be off every other Friday. Guess I have to look on the bright side and keep that in mind. :) And maybe I'll be able to do Plan A again soon. We'll see.

This week is a fairly quiet week, aside from going back to work. We actually have very few plans during the week at least. Today is my birthday, but it's often overlooked and we never really do anything for it anymore (unless I plan it, which I don't think is right). Though, my parents did call last night to see if we'd go to breakfast with them this morning, so we'll be doing that... and I'm hoping, since we'll be in Grand Blanc already, that we can just head over to Faith Lutheran and go to the family service after breakfast. Thursday I'll be in Windsor all day for work. My friend, Melissa, is having her 3rd daughter on Tuesday and I'm going to take them dinner on Friday. And on Saturday, we'll be doing one of our monthly childrens' museum visits with our friends, the Chapmans. This month we're going to Grand Rapids. We'll head there in the morning, have lunch together, and then head our separate ways. Kevin, Carson, and I are going to head over to the Calvin bookstore to pick up some Calvin gear for Carson to wear to an upcoming basketball game that we'll be going to. And then we'll probably just head home after that.

Any spare time this week will be spent working out, putting the finishing touches on the fitness room (I'll post some pics soon), canning another batch of black beans (did one yesterday), baking banana bread (lots of it since I have quite a few bananas to use up), making up a batch of ABin5 dough, doing some veggie garden planning and start filling out my Fedco seeds order forms, reading through my new Healthy Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book, and our master bedroom is a mess again, after all the holiday hub-bub, so I also want to get that thoroughly cleaned once again.

So here's what's on the menu this week...

Sunday - TBD... maybe out to eat to use one of our gift cards, or maybe just making homemade pizza; side salads; mandarin oranges

Meatless Monday - polenta and pinto bean pie; side salads; peaches

Tuesday - salsa chicken and black bean soup; side salads; zucchini yeast rolls from the freezer

Wednesday - leftovers

Thursday - baked BBQ chicken breasts; roasted cauliflower and brussels sprouts; apple slices

Friday - its my Flex day! chicken florentine artichoke bake; homemade bread (I'm making one of each for both Melissa's family and ours)

Saturday - TBD, just depends on when we decide to leave Grand Rapids... whether we eat out there, on the road, or make something easy at home.

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The Voogts said...

Sounds like some yummy meals. The polenta dish sounds interesting. And I still need to try Melissa's artichoke bake sometime! Have a fun week. Hope everything goes ok going back to work.