Sunday, January 10, 2010

Meal plans and the week ahead

This week is going to be very low-key. Today my grandparents and parents are coming over... assuming my grandma feels up to it, at least. Hopefully she will so she can get her mind off of things. Carson always perks her up, too. So it'd be good for her - and everyone. She goes tomorrow for some bone marrow testing to find out if she has leukemia... We don't really have any other plans all week. I have to work on Friday... first Friday in about four months. We're tentatively planning to go to the shooting range with my cousin, Kristin, and her boyfriend, Eric, on Saturday... it will just depend on whether we can get a sitter for Carson. We want to also take Carson up to Great Lakes Power Sports to look at snowmobiles and dirt bikes on Saturday.

I will be focusing on exercise again this week - switching up the program... more on that on Tuesday. I will also be doing some major baby shower planning for my cousin's shower on the 30th - games, prizes, gifts, food. I have some ideas for everything, just need to finalize things. I'm also going to try making baked beans. I found a recipe that sounds really good on AllRecipes that I'm going to try - if its good, I'll then can it in pints. I hope its good. I will also be working on cleaning up the area under Carson's room in the basement. We need to clear it out so we can make a play area. That will probably keep me busy this week... but if I need something else to do, I want to organize the front coat closet and take our comforter to the laundromat.

Here's what's on the menu... several new recipes this week...

Sunday - pork roast with fruit; roasted potatoes; corn casserole; green beans; steakhouse wheat bread; apple strudel

Meatless Monday - rice, greens, and eggs; applesauce

Tuesday - crockpot fish chowder; whole wheat soft pretzels

Wednesday - pad thai; fresh oranges

Thursday - pork cacciatore in the crockpot; steamed green beans; fresh oranges

Friday - leftovers, baked beans in the crockpot

Saturday - TBD


The Voogts said...

Can't wait to hear about the baked beans! I've been wanting to do those for a while. We all love them! I think my bean work will have to wait until Feb. or March. Sounds like some good meals. Can't wait to hear about the new recipes!

Good luck with the exercise. Hope your 5k training gets off to a good start!

Sara said...

I hope they're good. I don't eat them - never have liked them really. I'll taste them, but that's about it. Carson and Kevin love them, though!