Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meal Plans

A new week already? This past week went by so fast! We got a lot accomplished, though. We hired a guy to cut down the crabapple tree in the front yard and then grind up the six stumps of the trees we've cut down over the last year. I worked on cleaning some of it up yesterday, but I still have quite a bit of work to do out there to finish taking care of it (hopefully tonight, otherwise tomorrow). This week, I'll have some guys come out to give us quotes for the excavation work. We'll see what the quotes come in at to determine when we'll do the work... but it shouldn't be too expensive, so we should be able swing it now.

I've also been busy in the veggie garden. The leeks, celery, parsnips, and beans are now planted. I'll work on getting the zucchini and squash seeds planted sometime today. The chard and shallots will be done tomorrow, as well as transplanting my perennial herbs (chives, oregano, and thyme) from the old garden to the new one. I'm going to wait another week for the corn, cucumbers, and peppers, and another two or three weeks on the basil, okra, and melons... hopefully the night-time temperatures are warm enough for them at that point. The garden should be fully planted after that.

Today we're headed to my Aunt Sharon's house on the lake for a Memorial Day party. We're hoping to take our first dip in the lake and I'm sure we'll cruise around the lake on the boat. Before we head over there, I'm going to make a trip up to the local farmer's market. It started at the beginning of May and I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I'm hoping someone has ramps because I've seen them in recipes everywhere lately and would like to try them - probably in the quiche. I'd also like to pick up some local asparagus.

Sunday ~ Memorial Day party with my family at the lake... we're having grilled chicken breasts, some salads, and some desserts... not sure on the specifics. I'm bringing an oatmeal coconut cake.
Meatless Monday ~ tomato soup with tortellini, grilled cheese sandwiches
Tuesday ~ to celebrate the anniversary of our wedding in Key West, Florida three years ago, we'll have Key West Chicken, rice, roasted asparagus, and fried plantains
Wednesday ~ corn chowder in the crockpot, french baguette from the freezer
Thursday ~ leftover soup or chowder
Friday ~ I'm taking Carson to Swartz Creek's Hometown Days in the morning/afternoon, so I'll need something fairly easy. I figure since we didn't have it last week, we'll have shrimp and feta quiche
Saturday ~ We'll be going to the Potter Park Zoo in Lansing and having a picnic in the park... I'm still thinking about what we should have for the three of us... I'll update this post once I decide. Right now, I'm thinking we'll have some sort of sandwich, tortellini salad, some sort of jello (maybe something like an orange dreamsicle)... but I still need to think about it a little more before deciding for sure.

In addition to the garden planting mentioned above, I'll also be working in the flower beds this week. Carson and I went to the local nursery and I bought several flats of annuals that I want to get planted in front. I'll also be working on ripping out the poison ivy that I've found in the backyard and digging up a couple more perennials for some friends at work. I'm also hoping we can take a walk each evening with Carson in the BOB and Jet on a leash.

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