Sunday, May 3, 2009

Meal Plans

So we're back to the grind... at least for a few days anyway. Chicago last week was so much fun, all three of us just loved it! I've been to Chicago several times, but never had as much fun as we did on this trip... its crazy how much your travels change once you have a little one in tow. We got to do so much more fun stuff than we'd done before in the city.

This week will be another hectic week. One of my best buds is getting married on Saturday, so we'll be staying out in Grand Rapids Thursday-Sunday. On Thursday, we're hoping to meet up with my SIL and niece (and maybe BIL) at the Tulip Time festival, but that will depend on the weather. Kevin's a little hesitant to go at all with the swine flu outbreak they had on the Hope College campus, but I think it'll be just fine. If the weather is bad and we don't go to Tulip Time, then I think we'll probably just meet them at Kevin's grandparents' house for a visit. We'll be helping out with lots of preparation for the wedding, too. It could be a little tricky with some of it, but I think it'll all end up going over well (I hope). Mostly, I'm just worried about Carson during the rehearsal dinner, which falls right during his normal bedtime, and then at the reception. But I think it'll be fun.

You probably won't think Kevin and I are focusing on eating gluten free still, based on the pasta meals we're having this week, but we are. Or I am anyway... just not so much this week. I don't think I have a gluten sensitivity, but I have noticed that when I'm eating gluten free, I just feel a lot better in general. Like I have more energy and am more alert and just feel good overall, if that makes sense. So I'm going to continue to try to do the majority of our meals gluten free, but its definitely not something we have to be strict with at this point. So anyway, here's what I'm thinking...

Sunday - going to my parents' house to celebrate my Grandma Moore's birthday, I believe we're having lasagna
Meatless Monday - spinach and mushroom frittata
Tuesday - its Cinco de Mayo, so we'll have a mexican meal to commemorate... if I can find good fish on Monday, I want to have fish tacos... otherwise we'll end up with normal tacos made with ground lamb probably
Wednesday - I'll be in Windsor, Ontario (Canada) all day for a conference, so I'll be home late and will have packing to do... so we'll either have leftovers if there are any, or else greek chicken pasta from the freezer
Thursday - we'll be leaving for Grand Rapids for the weekend and will be meeting SIL, BIL, and niece at Tulip Time in Holland, MI if the weather is good and then getting take out and eating dinner together
Friday - we'll be visiting Kevin's grandparents in GR (unless we went on Thursday), helping to decorate the church and reception venue for my friend Sara's wedding, getting manis and pedis... Then the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the Flat River Grill in Lowell, MI (highly recommend this place to anyone, their food is awesome and they buy organically and locally!)
Saturday - my friend Sara's wedding in Lowell... I'm her matron of honor :)

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Justin and Mary said...

never thought about cinco de mayo. we're having mexican tonight :P fish tacos sound fun! i've never had them but hear they are really good.

a frittata sounds good too. i had that on my list for next week ;)