Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Market/Weekend Recap and Menu Plan

I didn't make it to my normal farmer's markets this weekend with all that was going on for Jaime's wedding, but Carson and I did take a drive out to the Davison farmer's market on Friday afternoon. It was quite a nice market, bigger than I expected. I picked up some fall red raspberries and crushed them and have them in the freezer for now till I can get them back out to thaw and make raspberry jam. Yesterday, after going over to Jaime's mom's house for a brunch and to watch Jaim and Jeff open their gifts, Kevin, Carson and I went out to Flushing for an organic farm tour at Whetham Organic Farm. I bought 15 pounds of organic tomatoes (for only $10 - couldn't believe the deal she gave me, plus I got three free huge zucchinis!). I'm planing to dice the tomatoes and can them and maybe use some to supplement my romas so I can do a double batch of pasta sauce this week. After the organic farm, we stopped at an organic orchard out in Flushing that was on our way home. We picked up some organic apple cider and some organic hard cider (that was very tasty - way better than Woodchuck or others you can buy). After the orchard, we met my parents up at Home Depot to check out this fancy outdoor swing they had found and wanted to buy us for one of our Christmas presents. They ended up getting it for us and Kevin and I bought a brown polyresin wicker loveseat thing to have outside. So we finally have a bit of outdoor furniture!

Kevin ended up not going to Tennessee this week, he'll be going two weeks from now instead. Next week I'm in Texas, the next week he'll be in Tennessee, and the following week he'll be in Mexico. It'll be nice to have him around this week so I can hopefully actually get my canning done like I'd like to. Plus, he has some things he wants to get done outside this week since you never know how long the weather is going to hold out here in Michigan.

As for meal plans this week, I'm thinking the following:
Tuesday ~ burgers from the freezer, local sweet corn
Wednesday ~ no-noodle lasagna (never made it a couple weeks ago)
Thursday ~ possibly crockpot roasted chicken
Friday ~ Melissa's homemade pizza
Saturday ~ not sure yet, something that creates a lot of leftovers for Kevin to eat while I'm gone next week
Sunday ~ something easy that creates lots of leftovers again for Kevin to have for lunch or dinner while I'm gone

As I mentioned, I'm hoping to get some pizza sauce, pasta sauce, and diced tomatoes canned this week. I'd also really like to get some peaches mid-week so I can get them canned on Saturday - I heard this week will probably be the last week for them here. I'd like to do yet another batch of pesto, too. And I need to get some parsley frozen in cube trays, too. I'm feeling pressured to get everything I can out of the garden especially now since you never really know when we'll get our first frost... though I'm really hoping I've got a month still.

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