Friday, September 26, 2008

Farm to School

I've been following the recent farm-to-school bills that have been circulating in the State legislature. Since having Carson, I've become more aware of the food being served in our schools. It is enraging and disgusting to read about... to think about the garbage our schools are feeding our kids (not that Carson is in school yet, but he will be all too soon!). Anyway, the farm-to-school bills passed the House, now they'll move to the Senate. Being that the House and Senate rarely seem to agree on the same things (a democrat-controlled House and a republican-controlled Senate), we'll see where they go from here. I hope the Senate approves them and have emailed my Senator expressing my support and urging their support and fast action on the matter. If you'd like to do the same, or read a little more info, check out this blog from the Michigan Land Use Institute.


Justin & Mary said...

i hope we see some change. but i still intend to make rebecca's lunch. no need to waste $ on school junk.

Sara said...

I agree, I think I'll make Carson's lunch, too. But it'd be nice to have a healthy alternative if something comes up and he forgets his lunch one day or we don't have time to make it or something. Not to mention all the good it'll do all the other kids that buy lunch at school. It'll just make for a healthier Michigan population... maybe we can get off the "fattest state" list. :)