Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Preservation, Market Recap and Meal Plans

Considering how busy we were this weekend, it was a rather productive weekend for me in the kitchen. On Saturday, we took a trip to an orchard south of Fenton for a few hours with some of Kevin's family. I picked up some apples - a peck of Jonagolds and a half-peck of Galas. I'm going to make some applesauce from them and maybe some apple pie filling later this week. I was able to can the peaches I bought last week and can a batch of raspberry jam. I froze some more tomatoes from the garden (didn't have one ingredient for sauce, so had to put it off again). As well as blanched and froze a huge batch of green beans. I also made up a batch of parsley-pistachio pesto and froze it in cubes. I also picked up two quarts of strawberries from the Swartz Creek farmer's market this afternoon which I'll be hulling and freezing, I think... or maybe make a half-batch of strawberry jam, we'll see how I feel this week.

As far as meals this week, this is what I'm thinking...

Sunday ~ homemade vegetable soup
Monday ~ grilled chicken with steamed veggies (and creamed corn for Kevin) leftover homemade vegetable soup with grilled cheese sandwiches
Tuesday ~ crockpot roasted chicken with steamed veggies grilled burgers from the freezer with steamed broccoli
Wednesday ~ will likely eat at my parents' house
Thursday ~ enchilada bake crockpot roasted chicken with steamed veggies
Friday ~ homemade chili from the freezer TBD... will save the chili for when its cooler outside
Saturday ~ TBD... maybe homemade pizza or maybe tacos

Its going to be a busy week, so I probably won't get too much done in terms of preservation. I definitely will be freezing the strawberries (or making jam), blanching and freezing okra (which I'll pick up on my way home on Wednesday at the farm stand down the road), and chopping and freezing bell peppers and jalapenos from our garden. Maybe do another batch of parsley-pistachio pesto to freeze. The only canning I'll probably do is the applesauce and maybe another batch of pasta sauce unless I decide to do a small batch of strawberry jam, too.

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