Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recap and Menu Plans

Well I didn't end up doing any preservation this weekend. Things came up with the family yesterday (when I was going to make a batch of pasta sauce) so I didn't get anything done in the kitchen that I'd planned to. I'm going to have to try to find room in one of our freezers to put the tomatoes that were ripe when I got home last week so that they don't go bad. Then maybe on Friday while I'm home or on Saturday when Kevin is back I can do a batch of sauce.

I went to the Davison farmer's market on Friday on my lunch hour (I was working in Davison that day). Peaches are pretty much done. No one had them by the bushel anymore. Still two vendors that had them by the quart, but that just gets too expensive to buy them that way and its not cost effective considering the price you can get a can of peaches for on sale at Meijer. I'm going to stop at the farm stand down the street by my parents' house on my way home this week to see if they still have them, but I doubt it. I'll have to wait till next year, I think. Oh well.

Kevin is going to be in Tennessee and Virginia this week for work. I think we have to drop him at the airport in the morning at like 5:00am and he doesn't come home till around 7:00pm on Friday night. So I probably won't attempt to do any canning during the week at all. Friday I'm home, so we'll see what I get done then, plus the weekend... though we are already having it fill up with things to do.

I'll be on my own all week for meals, so I'll just be piecing things together most likely. Today we're having a sausage and veggie mixture in the crockpot (I'll post the recipe and pic later when its done). I'll probably take leftovers for my lunch a couple of days this week and maybe eat it for dinner a couple of times, too. Wednesday my mom is watching Carson, so I'll eat over there. And next weekend we'll have something that creates lots of leftovers for lunches during the week again... not sure what yet.

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